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May 30th, 2013 - 6:08 pm - Posted by Martin

There's another interesting project over at Kickstarter. Film maker Rob McCallum is making a documentary about one guys attempt to collect a complete Licensed US NES cartridge set within 30 days. Not only will it be interesting to see if he succeeds but also how much cash he's going to spend. One of the rules are; no online purchases....

I've backed this one and you can do the same by clicking on the link below.

Link to Kickstarter

May 30th, 2013 - 3:08 pm - Posted by Martin

Just seconds ago I received the news about Gateway, supposedly a flash cart for the 3DS for playing homebrew, or ummm illegal stuff.

Not sure what to think of this, but it looks cool as well as trouble for Nintendo. Although it could boost the sales of hardware as well :-)

For more info, visit www.gateway-3ds.com

May 28th, 2013 - 12:53 pm - Posted by Martin

At the end of the 11th Century, a young crusader named Sir Ababol from Manchester City traveled accross the ever green prairies in the French Britain, climbed the infinite heights at the Pirineos and arrived to the Alcoraz River. There, he witnessed completely astonished how St. George from Capadocia, also known as “the dragon guy”, helped Christians conquer territories held by the infidels.
He became so perplexed about such an apparition that he stumbled over a rock and fell down on his ass over a big fat ball of spikes, which made him jump accross the air and fall in the river which carried him to the Monegros’ Desert.
There he awoke whilst a shep licked his right cheek and he realised that he hath lost his mighty sword, without which he couldn’t continue his journey accross the world. Decided to get accross something, he went accross a lucence-sown field to ask a good farmer if he hath seen his sword. The good fella of incredibly populated frown just pointed in direction of a piece of land full of wild ababol flowers.
What those red flowers which cointidentially were called like him were? Did it have to do with destiny? Since when the Alcoraz River flows into the Monegros’ Desert? Why St. Marta has a train station but not a tram line? How do I get to Jerusalem?... Too many questions gathered in his head, so he wiped them all out with a big sneeze and headed to the land full of ababol flowers
Since this very moment his fate is on your fingertips. Drive him accross the monegrian fields helping him collect the strange ababol flowers and regain his sword for him to be able to keep journeying to Jerusalem. Amen. Jesus
An amazing NES homebrew by The Mojon Twins, powered by Shiru's NESLIB. By the looks of the other projects on their website, I hope to see more from these guys.
Click here to visit the Mojon Twins website.
May 19th, 2013 - 4:40 pm - Posted by Martin

Just like everything else around there, the SNES Homebrew has been in need of an update for quite some time, but it's finally here....


May 17th, 2013 - 5:18 pm - Posted by Martin

Alex Mauer has made a limited second run of his amazing NES music albums, released on actual carts. The first run had the following quantites:

170 Vegavox were produced from 2007-2009.
100 Color Caves were produced from 2007-2009.
50 Vegavox 2 were produced from 2009-2010

This time arouns Vegavox and Color Caves has a 15 carts run each while Vegavox II has a 30 carts run. Please note that this second run will feature different artwork than the initial batches.

The price might seem a bit steep, but if you like this stuff this probably is your last chance to own it. 
Good luck with the sale to Alex... maybe the future will bring a new release? :-)
May 10th, 2013 - 6:46 pm - Posted by Martin

Frank Westphal is working on finishing his NES homebrew project, Armed for Battle. Here's a story synopsis I've received from Frank.

An evil ruler named Corlan has swiftly taken over a vast, thriving empire.Many people have been slaughtered, including the peaceful Kings that governed 20 territories in the empire.A small group of survivors have a plan to recruit anyone willing to join in the fight against Corlan and reclaim the empire.Gameplay: Each level will have a goal, which usually has to do with defeating enemies, but sometimes a special task will be involved, like finding a hidden object somewhere in the overworld or forming an alliance.You will have to build up your economy by sending workers to gather resources.Most of the resources can simply be collected, using men and oxen.In order to get Gold, excess resources must be sold.Ten different types of buildings can be built (weapon production, livestock production, troop training, scout training, and extrastorage capacity). Like any real time strategy game, as you are working on your own town, enemies in the area will also be busy with their own troop production.There are a total of 25 upgrades that can be researched (upgrades to resource collection, improvement to troops, weapon upgrades and more). Also, every upgrade has 3 levels of advancement.

While you are working on building, upgrading, and making weapons & troops, you'll have to do scouting in the overworld, in order to find where your enemy is located. Scouts can map the land, and wizards can use sorcery to reveal the land. There are upgrades for the Scouts and Wizards which allow them to map out larger areas of land at a time.Eventually, enemy castles will be uncovered, at whichpoint you can send one of your four commanders with a battle party to attack.The personality of the commander will affect how their troops perform in battle, coaxing them to attack harder, or move faster, etc.Not only will you have to battle evil Kings with their assortment of troops, but there will be times that you’ll go up against Dragons and Giants. The enemies are ready to make offensive moves of their own, and can send their troops to attack your home castle.

Another trailer is out now, check it out below.

This is truly an awesome NES homebrew, something not seen before...

Can't wait! :-)

May 10th, 2013 - 6:33 pm - Posted by Martin

Yet another update for the N64 proto section, added the recent sales on ebay, a Rat Attack prototype and a crap ton of N64 protos found by a guy on assemblergames' forum.


May 5th, 2013 - 3:33 pm - Posted by Martin

So I've been following this kickstarter for some time and it looks like it's going down the drain. It might be a crazy idea to release a game for a nearly dead system, but I really like the idea here and I would love to see this released in a physical form rather than an eshop entry.

Check it out for yourself why not and even though the project is missing just below 80 grand to be funded with just 14 days to go, well the chance is still there :-)