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September 12th, 2013 - 4:40 pm - Posted by Martin
The end is near for Blitz Games, lead by the twins Philip and Andrew Oliver for well over two decades. Originally called Interactive Studios, the Oliver Twins began developing games for Codemasters way back in 1990.
Interactive Studios of course made a lot of games for home computers but they eventually also made their way to consoles, like Sega Megadrive/Genesis, the Gamegear, Master System.
Nintendo also received some love from Interactive Studios in the shape of Codemasters golden cartridges released by Camerica in the US and Canada and eventually also the infamous Aladdin Deck Enhancer which had the best of the bunch Dizzy game as a pack-in, Dizzy the Adventurer (Dizzy and the Yolkfolk).
When the Nintendo64 came about Interactive Studios was once again at it, although this time they had "broken loose" from Codemasters and had formed an alliance with Hasbro and MGM who would release their Nintendo64 games.
Unfortunately a lot of their very interesting N64 titles never saw the light of day, such as Die Hard 64, Dragon Sword, Glover 2, Frogger 2.
In 1999 a name change came about, Interactive Studios changed its name to Blitz Games.
Some of the games I remember Blitz for is the hilarious games made for Burger King at one point, but also the talks of bringing back Dizzy in 3D. A kickstarter project late 2012 failed big time and no news of "Dizzy Returns" as it was to be called.
Now time has run out for Blitz Games, as of September 12 - 2013 the company is no no, although there are plans to save parts of the company and roughly 1/3 of the staff.
Thank you Blits Studios for all the history you've made, especially for the two consoles I love the most, the Nintendo64 and Nintendo Entertainment System.