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Nintendo Entertainment System Games You Never Got To Play (
APRIL 17 2017


What you see here is a compiled list of Nintendo64 games that didn't make it through various phases of development, either from very early ideas - through alphs and or beta - to even finalized games that just weren't realeased for some reason. The purpose of this database is to collect as much information as possible about these long lost and almost forgotten games, so that the history isn't completely forgotten as time goes by.

If you feel you have something to contribute then please email me. I deeply appreciate all the help I can get :-)

More info on unreleased NES games can also be found in the mirror of NESTRAL's amazing 'Unreleased (& Rumored) NES Games' page.


Below is a description of game title colors used in the list

means the game is verified to exist.
means the game has not yet been verified to exist by nesworld.
means the game is just a rumor, another term of unverified.

This list currently contains 273 entries

10th Frame
A Boy & his Blob 2Absolute Ent.
Ace Harding: Lost in Las VegasKemco
Action Fighter
Addams Family 2Ocean
Addams Family AnimationOcean
Adventure of the TrollsAmerican Softworks
Agina's ProphecyVic Tokai
Airborne RangerMicroprose
Aliens Vs. PredatorActivision
American CrisisAmerican Video Entertainment
An American Tale: Fievel Goes WestHudson Soft
Arcadia IVActivisionSoftware House
ArcanaHAL America
Atomic Robo-KidTrico
Baby Boomer 2Color Dreams
Baby Gangster
BackgammonAmerican Video EntertainmentOdyssey Software
Barbie IIHiTech Expressions
Battle TechInfocom
Battle of Atlantis
Battlefields of NapoleonBroderbund
Beyond ShadowgateKemco/Seika
Big Mouth BassAmerican Video Entertainment
Bio Force ApeSeta
Black Bass IIHot-B
Black TigerCapcom
Click here for more infoBlazebusters ASCII
BlockoutAmerican Technos
Boomer LandAsmik
Braines, TheTitus
Bruce Lee LivesMindscape
Click here for more infoBudokan - The Martial SpiritElectronic ArtsElectronic Arts
Buster Bros.Hudson Soft
Click here for more infoCalifornia Raisins - The Grape EscapeCapcomRadiance Software
Captain Comic 2Color Dreams
Card SharksGameTek
Castle of DemonsSeta
Cat RunnerSeika
Championship Power PoolMindscape
Chase HQTaito
Chester FieldVic Tokai
CheyenneAmerican Game Carts Inc.
Chip's ChallengeBullet-Proof Software
Click here for more infoChuck Yeager's Fighter Combat Electronic Arts
Code BlueColor DreamsColor Dreams
Congo's CaperData East
Cop SlapperColor DreamsColor Dreams
Cosmo FighterTaxan
Cosmo TankAsuka/Atlus
CounterstrokeVic Tokai
Crash'n the Boys: Ice ChallengeAmerican Technos
Crater MazeHudson Soft
CrossbowAmerican Game Carts Inc.
Crystal PassageVic Tokai
Cue StickAmerican Video EntertainmentOdyssey Software
Daemon WarsNexoft
Daemon's QuestNexoft
Darc SeendMeldac
Darkwing Duck 2Capcom
Deadheat ScrambleElectro Brain
Dennis the MenaceOcean
Dewey the DolphinOcean
Dino-HockeySun Soft
Dizzy PinballCamericaCodemasters
Donkey kong Jr. No Sansuu Asobi
Dr. FrankenElite SystemsCygnus
Drac's Night OutParker Brothers
Dragons & TigersAmerican Sammy
Dream Team 3-on-3 ChallengeData East
Click here for more infoDreamworld Pogie Aladdin Deck EnhancerCamericaCodemasters
DweebersVic Tokai
EON Man: Time DiverTAITO
Empire City 1931Acclaim
Escape from AtlantisCOLOR DREAMSColor Dreams
Euro Cup SoccerMatchbox
F-1 Hero 2Seika
Fairy Land StoryHot-B
Fastest LapNTVIC
Fighting Simulator World ChampCulture Brain
Final MissionTaito/Natsume
Fisher Price Fun FlyerGameTek
Fisher Price Little People Bowling alleyGameTek
Fisher Price My Grand PianoGameTek
Fisher Price School Bus DriverGameTek
Flash, TheTHQEquilibrium
Game of HarmonyAccolade
GilColor DreamsColor Dreams
Click here for more infoGlove PilotMattel
Click here for more infoGrid GrabberJalecoElite Systems
Gun Smoke 2Capcom
Hacker 2Activision
Click here for more infoHappily ever AfterSofel
Happy CamperColor DreamsColor Dreams
Click here for more infoHard Drivin'TengenTengen
Hat TrickCapcom
Heavyweight Championship BoxingActivision
HellraiserColor DreamsColor Dreams
HermeticaBullet-Proof Software
Hero QuestGremlin Graphics
Click here for more infoHit the IceTaito
Holy DiverIrem
Hudson's Space AdventureHudson Soft
Hyper ZoneHAL America
In Your FaceJaleco
Click here for more infoInspector GadgetHudson Soft
Ishido - The Way of StonesAccolade
It Came From the DesertCinemaware
Jack & the BeanstalkAsmik
Joe & Mac 2DATA EAST
John Madden FootballUBI SOFT
Jordan AdventureElectronic Arts
JoshuaWisdom TreeColor Dreams
Koala ChaseColor DreamsColor Dreams
Krazy Kreatures 2
Kung Fu IIIrem
Last Ninja 2Activision
Legend of Hero TonmaIrem
Legend of Robin HoodArcadiaSculptured Software
License to KillTengen
Loony Toons Cartoon MakerHiTech Expressions
Lord of LightningCapcom
Lord of the RingsInterplay
Lord of the Rising SunCinemaware
MaggotsColor DreamsColor Dreams
Magic Candle WorldAmerican Sammy
Magic of Scheherazade IICulture Brain
Makai IslandCapcom
Malibu Beach VolleyballActivision
Maniac Mansion IIJalecoLucas Arts
Manipulator - Glove AdventureMattel
Mariner's RunVic Tokai
Married.. With ChildrenAmerican Game Carts Inc.
Mask RiderBandai
Master Tief Sugar (Secret Ties)
Matchbox LightningMatchbox
Matchbox RacersMatchbox
Mech Warriors
Metal ManAladdin Deck EnhancerCamericaCodemasters
Microleague BaseballMicroleague Sports
Mig 29 HunterActivision
Mike Ditka Big Play FootballAccolade
Miner 2409erMindscape
Monster MasherSofel
Monster Party IIBandai
Monster Truck RodeoMatchbox
Mr. Bill's AdventureColor Dreams
NCAA BasketballHAL America
Natsume Championship WrestlingNatsume
New Kids on the Block Official Video GameParker Brothers
Night of the NinjaFroggo
Ninja TaroAmerican Sammy
Onagu Asobi
Paradise IslandNTVIC
PokerAmerican Video Entertainment
Police AcademyTengen
Popeye No Eigo Asobi
Power Pad FootballHAL America
Power Play FootballHAL America
Power Punch, Mike Tyson'sAmerican Softworks
Predator 2Konami
Price is Right, TheGameTek
Click here for more infoPrix NebulaZippo Games
Psycho SoldierSNK
Putt MasterTaxan
Pyramids of RaMatchbox
Click here for more infoPyrossAmerican Sammy
Quaterback ScrambleAccolade
Quattro KidsCamericaCodemasters
Return of Donkey KongNintendo
Riddick Bowe
Ring RaidersMatchbox
Robert Byrne's Pool ChallengeAmerican Video EntertainmentOdyssey Software
RockyAmerican Sammy
Click here for more infoRoller ThrasherZippo Games
Samurai ConflictMeldac
Click here for more infoScrewballs Superleague RareRare
Secret TiesVic Tokai
Seiken Denetsu
Serve and VolleyJaleco
Seven Gates to EternityColor DreamsColor Dreams
Shadowgate 3Kemco/Seika
Shogun MaedaVic Tokai
ShredderAbsolute Entertainment
Side ArmsCapcom
Click here for more infoSim CityNintendo
Sir Eric the BoldMatchbox
SkyscraberHAL America
Snake Rattle 'N Roll 2
Solstice 2Imagesoft
Speed RumblerCapcom
Spelunker IIBroderbund
Spy Vs. Spy 2: The Island CaperKemco/Seika
Star Force IITecmo
Star Trek VBandai
StingrayCulture Brain
Street BattleInnovation Tech.
Street Fighter 2Capcom
Street FighterCapcom
Super Bomb JackTecmo
Super Buster BrosHudson Soft
Super James PondOceanMillennium
Super Lode RunnerIrem
Super PasswordGameTek
Super Pitfall IIActivision
Super RescueCSG ImageSoft
Super Square DealDMTC
Super Star ForceTecmo
Super Sushi PinballCSG Imagesoft
Super XeviousBandai
Talking Super PasswordGameTek
Team Sports BasketballAladdin Deck EnhancerCamericaCodemasters
Click here for more infoTeam Sports ChallengeCamericaCodemasters
Terminator 2 - The Arcade GameAcclaim
Terran WarsTeleplay Systems
Click here for more infoTerror of Tech TownMattel
Click here for more infoThomas the Tank EngineTHQSoftware Creations
Time ZoneTaito
Titan WarriorsCapcomCapcom
Tom & Jerry: Frantic AnticsHitech Expressions
Tom & Jerry: The MovieHitech Expressions
ToysAbsolute Ent.
TriumphHudson Soft
Trivial PursuitParker Brothers
Tune-Up RallyeMatchbox
Twin PeaksHiTech Expressions
U-Force Power GamesBroderbund
U.S.M.C Harrier
USA BowlingCoconuts
Ultimate BaseballAmerican Sammy
Ultimate JourneyBandai
Ultimate SoccerAmerican Sammy
Urban cowboyMatchbox
Vanilla IceTHQ
War in Middle EarthHiTech Expressions
War on WheelsJaleco
Warp SpaceAmerican Game Carts Inc.
Water SkiFroggo
Click here for more infoWay of the Exploding Fist, TheBeam Software
We're Back - A Dinosaur StoryHitech Expressions
Web WorldMatchbox
Wild BoysBandai
Wizard of OzSeta
Click here for more infoWolverineZippo Games
Click here for more infoWonderland DizzyCodemastersInteractive Studios
WordtrisSpectrum Holobyte
World Throphy SoccerINTV
Click here for more infoXybotsTengenTengen
Zeta gundamBandai