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Message started by SNes on 13. Jan 2012 at 04:40

Title: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by SNes on 13. Jan 2012 at 04:40
I have a Super Nintendo, with all the hook ups, 2 controllers, Super Mario World, Double Dragon IV, Hook, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I am wondering how much these things would be worth apart or seperatley. Everything works perfectly and looks like new except hook which has permanent marker on it.

Anything that anyone might be able to tell me about this would be greatly appreciated. I am not planning on selling this awesome piece of equipment but knowing what these games are worth would be nice

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by tomaz al quhoir on 13. Jan 2012 at 13:04
I'll assume the games are carts only.  The SNES with controllers and cables isn't worth much, depending on where you are between $20 and $35.  SMW, maybe $10-15.  I am guessing DD4 is Super Double Dragon?  ~$25 or so.  Hook, ~$5.  Zelda- LttP is about $25 or so, bit I've seen both it and Mario World go for a lot more every now and then. 

Title: Re: SNES + Games and Controllers
Post by the_wizard_666 on 13. Jan 2012 at 09:16
Do you have boxes/manuals for the games?  Or the system?  A loose system with hookups and controllers and Super Mario World you're looking at $20-50, depending on your area (my area I can easily get the higher end, but some places it's closer to the lower end...depends on the market).  If it's got the box, paperwork, and everything else, it goes up depending on which variant of the console you own.  As for the games, Zelda is a solid $10, and the rest aren't really worth much.  Double Dragon IV is somewhat popular, so if someone's looking for it you might be able to get $10 out of it as well, but not likely in an online setting.  Even with the boxes and manuals none of those games are spectacular (save Super Mario World, the box is pretty rare).  Your best bet is to throw them up on Kijiji for $100, and take the first offer in the neighbourhood of $50-75 for the lot.  If you part it all out, you'll have a bitch of a time selling it all off.  Sorry I couldn't give you better news than this, but you don't have anything really special money-wise.  Decent collection for play value though.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by Martin on 13. Jan 2012 at 20:18
No need to post the same question 3 times... I've moved all replies here and deleted the other two threads.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by RegalSin on 14. Jan 2012 at 00:49
From my observations

SNES complete with hook ups, is worth like $80-$200 right now. However this is waning, because right now the Super
Famicom is losing popularity to other ground, due to the RPG fun-factor. The SNES was king of RPGdum, and that is what makes it grand, it also had some other nice games as well, but that was it's main feature.

Super Mario World stand alone = $30 but people want for $20
Super Mario World 2 stand alone = $30 but pwf $20
Super Mario RPG stand alone = $50 but pwf $30
Super Mario All-stars ( either one ) = $30

Double Dragon IV has a reasonable value but I am not a DDfan. A DDF is more likely into it's Japanese counter parts.
So it is hard to say.

Hook is a commercial game, and it's value is based on the
gameplay of it. It is in the same class as
"Super Back to the Future" but SBBTF is a game I played.
I remember playing a hook or something, had lots of graphics, but SBBTF was more fun.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Stand alone = $30 but
people want it for $10. With all the stuff complete, it depends on the condition of the overall package.

All of these prices are based on the funcoland years versus the last ten years on ebay, and various forum sites. For example.

Chrono Trigger Funcoland = $70
Chrono Trigger ebay = $70

So right now Chrono stand alone is worth $50-$70 dollars, but a proven fact that most people will only pay $40 dollars for the blasted game, on ebay.

Most people are neglecting inflation. Inflation is basically when a newspaper that costed $1 now cost $1.50 but at the same time an item that cost $1.50 now cost $4.50.

Another price factor is region, and how people view things. In Japan, the game "Comix Zone" for the Genesis is worth hundreds of dollars compared to people in the USA.

Also their might be edits, or additions to games. Like Faxanudu USA has all the crosses taken out.

Also while a game is in great condtion being, complete is also another factor, along with actual gameplay value. Also while a game might be complete crap, they still want the game to be in good condition. Like some of the most crappiest NES games are going for $300-$4000 sure they are playable and fun but in the back of your mind, it is not worth it. However to the collector, they are thinking otherwise.

We all should get together and a make an over street price for videogames. Their I said it. -RegalSin

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by Octorockandroll on 25. Jan 2012 at 00:28
sorry man but snes stuff just isn that sought out for. Mario World Is probably the most valuable

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by RegalSin on 28. Jan 2012 at 02:32
Super Mario world during the SNES reign was the most worthless game in a persons collection, because that is the pack in game. Two versions were sold, the pac-in and the boxed game. It costed $6.

Right now $30 is the minimum a person should pay for most Mario games not including MarioRPG. MRPG was biblical to Mario fans, it was the last real Mario game, that used the original Mario ideas. After that it was Peach crap, and makemup Mario.

Zelda is $40 dollars + because the USA Zelda added extra graphics, for which that crappy cartoon uses. I know Zelda is more then $40 at least.

The reason why people devalue it, is because they do not have the money they should not be spending. :-X

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by the_wizard_666 on 28. Jan 2012 at 04:58
Sorry RegalSin, but that whole post made me facepalm. $30 is about what Mario RPG goes for loose.  SMW is about $5-10 tops, and rarely sells unless someone's buying a system with it.  And you're really saying Mario Paint is worth $30? crappity smack, I have 3 copies that I can't GIVE away.  And what the hell are you talking about with Zelda?  I have never paid more than $10 for a copy, and rarely see them go higher than $15-20 CIB.  Maybe if you learn how to search eBay completed listings, you might have a better idea of what these games are worth.  Don't let the overpriced BIN prices fool you, nobody pays that much for any of these games.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by RegalSin on 28. Jan 2012 at 23:35
What really happened to the prices is the people who buy online stopped shopping at the stores. The prices I listed is what you should find in the stores.

Never trust ebay. I do not base my prices off ebay, I based those prices from the last time I saw them in stores, to what I see on forums, and eventually ebay.

About ebay listings. If you did not hear the news, more recenlty ebay has decided to delete complete listings faster then normal. Sometimes a seller will break down and give into to cheap people out their just to get rid of the damn thing.
So when somebody sells something cheap they do it in favor of just getting rid of the item, not to do you a favor.

Mario RPG is a blasted SNES RPG game that was FF7 to Nintendo fans at the time. A person who played the game, and owns it, knows why this game goes for alot of money. Yes it is less value then Chrono Trigger.

Speaking of Devalue of Chrono Trigger. After the release of the PSX game, people were saying "Hey this game is on the PSX, do I need to pay so much for the SNES game?, or even need the SNES game? the same goes for people using roms.

Without roms, it would be like 1997 at least, when games were selling gas, and some games were $90 dollars in box.
So that is the world of collecting, buying, and selling games.
The same with comic books. Go and do search about downloading comics, and you see a million arguments about it. The same with videogames.

SMW was about $5-10 because everybody owned the game but now it is $30 dollars.

Go on Youtube and type Mario Paint. See why it is worth $30 dollars, or more. It is more of a centimental, and historical thing with Nintendo fans, then usage.

About Zelda, that is you. Your being the person who do not want to pay full price knowing it is hard to get rid of the item. When you should be happy and conten with what you buy.

In fact all of these prices are really 4 times per each dollar right now. $30 = $90 in todays money, and so forth but because people make excuses they devalue the product. It is like with cars, Cars value increase over time, due to rarity, condition, and value of money. Things that people should pay attention to with videogames as well.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by NESjunkie on 17. Sep 2012 at 05:55
Generaly speaking, Zelda is always worth more than Mario.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by RegalSin on 06. Oct 2012 at 03:44
Zelda vs MarioRPG is not worth more because the conent of the two videogames themselves, and how they were made, along with speciality boards, and replay value.

Title: Re: Worth? Zelda, Mario?
Post by johnf on 12. Jul 2013 at 16:26
it just depends on the person also .... if they want to spend that kind of money

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