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Message started by Dastan on 07. Feb 2012 at 23:53

Title: MEGAMAN Xtreme 2
Post by Dastan on 07. Feb 2012 at 23:53
I got this game a while back at KB Toys.  How rare is the game? Is it worth selling on eBay or any other game site?

Title: Re: MEGAMAN Xtreme 2
Post by RegalSin on 08. Feb 2012 at 01:34
Right now it is considered rare, I guess because it was not a popular game to buy. However for me buying I would not, unless I was a super MM fan. I consider it a remake like Sonic Generations, where they reuse past characters with new twists.

The story is basically your in a dream state, and you have re-battle old foes from the SNES. I think there was two new characters that were introduced, that appears in one of the Megaman Zero game as a ghost. Finally in the end you fight the person behind all of this, along with new characters mentioned. But of course Sigma pops up in the game somewhere.

Title: Re: MEGAMAN Xtreme 2
Post by Brandon Mark on 12. May 2012 at 13:47
Hey herd a lot about this game, and wanted to play this but as it is very rare so couldn't find it, but now I will get it definitely!!

Title: Re: MEGAMAN Xtreme 2
Post by RegalSin on 26. May 2012 at 06:25
The game was never a rarity or popularity want, to begin with, unlike Shantae.

Leave it to the kids to collect this game. It is basically a rehash of every game up till the X4 game. With the X and X2 being the majority of appearances. It was released alongside the Donkey Kong Country GBC, which was remarkable for it's time.

Blah blah the network has been currupted and you have to go in virtual past world. Of course some of the characters from this and the first game do pop-up in the later GBA Zero series. Of course Iris is in this game as well.

What is intresting is the swordsman robot, is the simular to the art of giant Zero robot from RMZ3.

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