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Message started by KungFuFurby on 02. Oct 2012 at 03:54

Title: Elevator Madness for SNES
Post by KungFuFurby on 02. Oct 2012 at 03:54
Call this more of a homebrew preservation effort, as I found this game marked under Homebrews, but with no link.

I'm not the developer of Elevator Madness, a SNES homebrew game, but I happen to have two builds, marked versions 0.01 or 0.02 (the version numbering is confused) and 0.10 (the readme only goes up to 0.02). The game was developed by undisbeliever of >Entertainment (Greater Than Entertainment). Music and SFX was supposed to be added, but it failed quite miserably. I was actually going to make the music and SFX for the game... and it kind of got converted (I had an actual .spc file with different samples giving it a kind of jungle-like feel that didn't start at the first note, but I think I lost that one)... but the sound driver, XMSNES, was unable to function (not to mention I was producing Impulse Tracker files in the first place! Oh well, they could be converted...).

The website,, is long gone, and I have since gone on to be the musician of two of the homebrews on your website. The music and SFX... er... kind of survives, as I originally produced it on the G3, but I suffered a hard drive crash when I moved to the G5. I had an archive on, but it's broken as that place is no longer free, and I didn't download any of it. :( I did get a complete archive of my other works from an RPG project (SNES RPG), but I did not get the full copy of some sort of big video game character collaboration. The game is called SNES All-Stars, and I believe I had a Title Screen test build on the G5... however, I lost that one in the hard drive crash. There was a Dream Fighter game engine in producion for that game. There was also a ping pong demo planned, and again I have the music. None of these games have known builds, and all that came of SNES All-Stars was a test Title Screen build to my knowledge... if you don't count my own music, which was quite gigantic (I had produced roughly 50 tracks or more... and for SNES RPG, I had produced roughly 30).

Version 0.01/0.02 Build

Version 0.10 Build

It's been five years, and now on that homebrew list, the following games have music done by me:
MazezaM Challenge (by alekmaul)
Uwol: Quest for Money (music conversion only)

I assisted with getting the SNESMod sound driver (which directly, not indirectly, takes .it files for music. It just so happens it's by the same person that did XMSNES as well.  ;D ) implemented into all three of those games.

Title: Re: Elevator Madness for SNES
Post by Martin on 04. Oct 2012 at 14:24

Thanks a lot for taking time to stop by here and thanks for the Elevator Madness files.
Also, I'll add your name to the credits the next time I update, hope that's okay with you and sorry that I, unintentionally, left you out the first time around :-/

Title: Re: Elevator Madness for SNES
Post by KungFuFurby on 10. Oct 2012 at 21:03
That's OK.  :)

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