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Message started by NESjunkie on 08. May 2013 at 20:59

Title: Console Generation Showdown
Post by NESjunkie on 08. May 2013 at 20:59
I thought of this idea a while ago and I think it will be a fun discussion amongst gamers. We take 1 console generation and decided who's the best of the best in our own opinions.

Example: The Third Generation:
Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Master System
Atari 7800 Pro System

Debate and give your reason on why you think which console is better by design, tech specs, games, marketing etc.

Added note: The first generation will not be done since most consoles from that time were "Pong" clones.

Title: Re: Console Generation Showdown
Post by RegalSin on 09. Feb 2014 at 21:14
The NES is better only, because it is an NES. The 7800, did not have enough Eastern Support, and the SMS was a 16-bit console, that took the world by storm.

The SMS is probably the more "gamer" of all, but the NES turned videogames into electrical appliances, and technology.

The 7800 is, and should be more powerfull, but everything was just rereleased rubbish. Japan was turning VG's into a standard media, and you have this rubbish.

The MSX is also on par with the SMS. The NES itself is VHS all the way.

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