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Message started by RegalSin on 09. Nov 2013 at 17:30

Title: How to get your pokemon from the original to newer
Post by RegalSin on 09. Nov 2013 at 17:30
This is a guide to transfer Pokemon from R/G/Y/G/S/B ( no matter which region you have ) to the X and Y games.

You need the following.

1. A pokemon Gameboy game no matter which version.
2. A pokemon NDS, 3DS, or even GBA game.
3. A GBA to Gamecube transfer cable
4. A Gamecube
5. A Team Rocket Scientist Gamecube game dol game disc.

This is the procedure

1. Insert your original Pokemon game into a Gba.
2. Make sure your gamecube is on at some point, with the TRSGD disc, you could also use and ISO to GCN, if you have no disc
3. Start the GCN.
4. Make a save file, this file acts like an imaginary pokebox.
5. Now go into the option where it says to link the game. The game will have a bunch of Pidgies, ratatas, or whatever
6. Turn on the GBA. Go to the pokemon center trade area.
7. The GB game and GCN game should act as a trade. Do the trade like normal.
8. release link
9. Alter the stats to match the NDS/3DSGBA models
10. Insert the 3ds or NDS game, or GBA game into the NDS or GBA.
11. Trade back over the Pokemon, to the newer game
12. Presto you have now transfered your original pokemon from the original RGB-Y-GS no matter which region you are from. Keep in mind the names and the stats have to match the versions of the games your moving to and from.

This disc does nothing else but to foward your traded pokemon from the earlier versions to the newer versions.

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