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Message started by Ccg on 24. Jun 2014 at 02:54

Title: Pokemon Green Ultra Rare Copy -Read-
Post by Ccg on 24. Jun 2014 at 02:54
Hello! I have went from forum to forum asking about my game. As far as I know, no one knew it existed until I asked. The game is Pokemon Green Limited Edition Release. This came in a black box not the normal silver/yellow box. The box also had the different design. Yes, the design is slightly different. I only know of 3 that exists, my friend has the black box sealed, I found one for private sale (no box, no sticker), and mine. I have literally asked multiple Pokemon experts. None of which ever saw it before. This one was luckily found just after the initial release, in a Japan game store. The plastic case is the original case for the game. This never came with the limited edition black box. The game has been used 1 time to ensure it is in working order. So, here it is 1 of 3 known, rarest pokemon game on the planet. Perhaps one of the rarest Gameboy games ever made.
Please, share any information you have!

[img alt="" src="" style="max-width:100%;"]
[img alt="" src="" style="max-width:100%;"]

Title: Re: Pokemon Green Ultra Rare Copy -Read-
Post by Martin on 24. Jun 2014 at 22:12
smells of fake all over it... the Nintendo logo is wrong and the label on the backside, only cheap chinese knockoffs has that...

Title: Re: Pokemon Green Ultra Rare Copy -Read-
Post by RegalSin on 11. Jul 2014 at 17:13
That is not an official game. That is all I can say. Have you play thru it?? Pokemon Green and Red was never truly released in the west, or Europe at all. Both versions are really modified blues.

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