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Console Troubleshooting (Read 1313 times)
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Console Troubleshooting
25. Jul 2006 at 21:36
I've got a Famicom that is working a bit funny. I can't get a picture or any sound on any channel if I use the Famicom RF switch. If I use a NES RF switch instead I get sound on channels 5 and 6 and a picture on channel 8. I've tried setting the console to channel 2 and 1; I've tried a slew of cords and every method available to me. Anyone have any idea what to try next?

(Note: No jokes. FamicomJL said I should buy a new TV. I use one that was made circa 1985. So maybe the problem's the TV not the Famicom.)
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Re: Console Troubleshooting
Reply #1 - 26. Jul 2006 at 06:52
I still say it's the TV. My TV's not even a digital and I can get it to work fine...
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