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NES PAL stuff for sale (Read 1178 times)
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NES PAL stuff for sale
24. Feb 2007 at 05:05
Hi this is some PAL stuff I have that I would be willing to sell if interested can send list of what you are interested in and I can get you a pic and you can make an offer. I live in the US and will ship to any country as long as you pay the postage. my email is a1619@yahoo.com
also my ebay name Adame2 thanks Adame

PAL stuff (loose unless noted) in good shape unless
noted you can make an offer on what you are interested
in. thanks Adame
Arch rivals NES-q4-AUS bad front label
Asterix Complete NES-AX-UKV A
Bionic Commando NES-CM-AUS A end label loose
Parodius NES-PV-NOE B
Banana Prince NES-BN-NOE
Baseball GBR
Battle toads NES-8T-AUS
Blue Shadow NES-27-SCN B
Burai Fighter NES-UF-GBR
Castlevania NES-CV-UKV A
Castlevania II NES-QU-UKV A
Chessmaster boxed NES-EM-SCN
Chip N Chap Rescue Rangers NES-RU-NOE-1 B
Corvette ZR-1 challenge NES-ZJ-NOE B
Cosmic Spacehead complete codemasters nonplug thru
Crackout NES-37-FRG B
Crackout NES-37-UKV A
Deja Vu NES-dg-SWE/SWE swedish screen text B
Der Konig der Lowen NES-KL--NOE B
Duck Tales NES-UK-ITA
Excitebike different cover art European version
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy plug thru codemasters
Fester's Quest NES-EQ-EEC B
Flintstones NES-5z-FRA front label loose B
Four player Tennis (sealed)
Gauntlet II NES-2U-FRA B cinerent a1 branded on back
Godzillia NES-GZ-AUS A
Gradius NES-GR-EEC B
Gradius NES-GR-ITA B
Gremlins 2 complete NES-2Z-AUS
Gremlins 2 NES-2Z-FRA B
Gumshoe different cover art NES-GS-EEC
Gyromite Canada front label loose
Hogan's Alley NES-HA-GBR
Ice Hockey classic series NES-HY-NOE
Ikari Warriors boxed NES-IW-ITA
Iron Tank with box NES-IT-AUS A
Jackie Chan Kung Fu NES-V5-AUS A
Jackie Chan Kung Fu complete NES-V5-NOE B
Jimmy Conner's Tennis NES-JT-UKV A
Joe and Mac Caveman ninja NES-CJ-UKV A
Jungle book complete NES-JJ-UKV A
Kabuki Qauntum Fighter complete NES-3k-GBR
Kick off with instructions NES-54-UKV
Kirby's adventure french screen text Canada
Kirby's Adventure NES-KR-NOE/FRG german screen text
Kirby's Adventure NES-KR-HOL
Konami Hyper Soccer NES-86-NOE B
Lee Trevino's fighting golf NES-FI-EEC B
Life Force Salamander with instructions NES-LF-UKV
Little Red Hood HES
Maniac Mansion with box NES-JM-NOE/FRG german screen
Maniac Mansion French screen text complete
Mario and Yoshi NES-YM-UKV
Mcdonaldland boxed NES-4Q-UKV A
Micro Machines codemasters non plug thru
Mig 29 Codemasters nonplug thru
Nintendo world Cup NES-XZ-FRA
Paperboy NES-PY-EEC B
Pipemania HES (burn mark on back)
Power Blade NES-7T-FRA B
Pro Action replay comnplete
Probotector NES-77-NOE
Rad racer NES-RC-FRA
Raid 2020 HES non plus thru dongle slot
Road Fighter NES-39-UKV A
Road Fighter NES-39-FRA B
Robowarrior NES-RR-UKV
Robowarrior NES-RR-ITA
Section Z NES-SZ-UKV
Shadowgate NES-3S-HOL
Shadowgate NES-3S-SWE/SWE Swedish screen text
Shadow Warriors 2 with instructions NES-67-AUS
Side winder NES HES plug thru
Simpsons bart vs space mutants NES-Q5-UKV
Snakes Revenge complete NES-e2-FRA B end label loose
Soccer Magexa
Star Wars NES-7V-FRA B
Star Tropics NES-OC-NOE
Street Gangs complete NES-ST-FRA B pen marks on box
front B
Super Mario 2 NES-MW-FRA
Super Mario 2 NES-MW-AUS
Super Mario 3 NES-UM-FRA
Super Sports Challenge Codemasters nonplug thru
Swordmaster NES-8S-NOE
Tecmo world wreslting NES-PZ-EEC
Time lord NES-LZ-ITA
TMHT (Teenage mutant hero turtles NES-88-FRA B
Toobin HES plug thru
Total Fun pack plugthru HES
Track N field in Barcelona NES-9I-SCN
Track N field 2 with box NES-F2-AUS A
Track N field 2 NES-F2-EEC
Turbo racing complete NES-44-UKV A
Volleyball NES-VB-GBR
Wizards and Warriors III complete NES-8W-AUS
Wrestlemania NES-HN-ITA A front label loose
ZEN intergalactic ninja NES-ZN-NOE B

Some more loose games to add
Track and Field II NES-F2-EEC B
Nintendo World Cup Soccer NES-XZ-ESP Version Espanola
Wrestlemania Challenge NES-W9-FRA B
Eric Cantona Football Challenge (Goal 2) NES-GT-FRA B
Tom and Jerry NES-5Y-FRA B
The Simpsoms Bart vs the Space Mutants

Also I found instructions for Godzilla and Simpsons so those are with instructions and boxes for Time Lord and Nintendo World Cup
New game to add
Ufouria NES-6U-AUS

These are boxs and instructions with the game chip included but not the cart (some German guy I bought from removed the carts why? who knows)
Mega Man 2 complete region B
Tom and Jerry complete region B
Castlevania II Simon's Quest region B
Mega Man 3 complete region B
The Guardian Legend complete region B
Ghost and Goblins complete region B
Swords and Serpants complete region B

I also havea complete in box Nintendo Super Set from Germany (has a fourscore and 4 conotrllers as well as a Nintendoworldcup/Tetris/SMB cart.

I found some more stuff to add

box for Lee Trevino fighting golf region B
Shadow Warriors Region A box

Add to games
Swords and Serpants complete NES-WP-HOL
Konami Hyper Soccer NES-86-UKV A
Shadow Warriors NES-66-SCN B

More of the complete with game chip not the cart
Castlevania complete region B
Faxanadu complete region B
Solstice complete region B

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