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regional releases? (Read 1565 times)
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regional releases?
29. Oct 2008 at 02:42
just wondering were there many region specific releases on the N64?
just i remember a few relases that were autralia specific many years ago such as HSV (holden special vehicle, holden=local chev more or less) adventure racing. it was just a reprited version of beetle adventure racing.

i just wondered if there were more and if they are rare?
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Re: regional releases?
Reply #1 - 29. Oct 2008 at 14:01
Australian only:

snowboardkids 2
starcraft 64 (somebody got a spare pal manual?)
hsv adventure racing
Mayort league baseball ft ken griffey jr

These games where released only as pal in australia.

Special cart colors for australia instead of grey
-yellow donkey kong 64 cart
-golden zelda cart o.o.t
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