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December 24 update (Read 3199 times)
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December 24 update
30. Dec 2008 at 15:40

First off I'm sorry for the extreme delay regarding the last "christmas" update. Unfortunately for me I got sick (a very bad cold) just after christmas  - so my energy level has been low the past days.

I actually had something else ind mind for the 24th update but it'll have to wait a bit, instead I'm presenting you with a small ROM release which I hope you'll enjoy Smiley


... ...

Visually I havn't been able to spot any differences between the prototype build and the final other than the titlescreen saying "V.20.07.95" which most likely is the date of the build.

I havn't been able to find the Zoop release date, but it must be pretty close to the prototype build?

Well download below and thanks for visiting Smiley

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