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Introducing the First Annual HomeBrew Awards (Read 1659 times)
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Introducing the First Annual HomeBrew Awards
06. Aug 2009 at 04:09
Hello everyone,

I am working on putting together the first ever (at least to my knowledge) HomeBrew awards ceremony. We are planning on giving awards for multiple categories.

I was wondering if I could ask for some of your help.

1. I need to put together the categories that will be used. I am thinking of the following categories:

* Game of the Year
* Greatest Technological Achievement in a Homebrew Game
* Best Remake
* Rookie Programmer of the Year
* Lifetime Achievement Award

What other categories should be included? Any homebrew released on cartridge/CD form in 2009 will qualify to be nominated. Various newsgroups/forums will be polled the last quarter 2009 and first quarter 2010 with awards being provided in Spring of 2010. The Summer issue of Video Game Trader will provide a feature story about the awards and I am trying to get some TV coverage as well.

2. As we move forward with the awards program (due in the spring), we need to come up with a name. I would really like to pay homage to two pioneers of the Video Game World: William Higinbotham (who created one of the first video games, Tennis for Two) and Ralph Baer (who created the very first Video Game System that hooked up to a TV, the Odyssey).

Please let me know how these sound: The Baer Higinbotham Award, The Higinbotham Baer Award, The Ralph Baer Award, The William Higinbotham Award or the Odyssey Award.

What do you think? Please provide your feedback. Whatever name is chosen, will most likely be the name of the award forever. Smiley

Any other help and/or suggestions are appreciated.


Tom Sansone

PS. Homebrew Authors, feel free to start contacting me about nominating your game now.
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Re: Introducing the First Annual HomeBrew Awards
Reply #1 - 06. Aug 2009 at 22:05
I love the idea, but I'm not in favour of any of the award names to be honest.... I'd go for something more "generic" like "Game Brewers Award".

Plus if you'd name an award after someone you'd deffinately need their acceptance..
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