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Nomolos (Read 1519 times)
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01. Nov 2010 at 17:40
I hadn't thought to check this site in a while, but I saw today that you put my Nomolos video on the front page =) So I figured I'd make a thread on here and start becoming a part of this site again to help keep people updated.

You've already seen the video, so there isn't much I can say here, except that best case scenario the game will be done in a year---worst case, 2 or more. So, I'm hoping it will be somewhere between those two estimates.

In a few months or so, I may post another video or otherwise post some kind of update about progress.
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Re: Nomolos
Reply #1 - 30. Nov 2010 at 14:51
Looks pretty darn good, keep up the good work man.  Cool
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