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NESK-1 (NES Synthesizer) (Read 1214 times)
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NESK-1 (NES Synthesizer)
23. Jun 2011 at 00:34
Greetings Nesworld!

The NESK-1 is a synth cart for the nes.  It was named after the Casio SK-1, and uses the 4 controller adapter.  It was officially released earlier this year at TooManyGames expo in philadelphia. 

Features include:
- Square Channel
- Triangle Channel
- Noise Channel
- 8 Scales w/ adjustable root note
- 8 Drum Samples
- Arp w/ adjustable rate and intervals
- 2 Sweep settings w/ adjustable rate and direction
- 2 Chord settings w/ adjustable intervals
- Decay w/ adjustable rate
- 2 Tone Banks: Synthesizer and Drums
- 2 Noise Banks.
- All settings can be adjusted without using a monitor or tv

For more info, including manual and video overview, goto:  http://heavyw8bit.com/nes_synth.php
Thanks for checking it out!
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