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So I have just played Diablo for the first time (Read 1110 times)
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So I have just played Diablo for the first time
21. Sep 2011 at 21:10
Could somebody please explain how was this game ground breaking? I remember seeing a preview on Ch5 ( or was it Ch4 ) in the morning where they had news for kids. The thing
was that you had an open world, where you could go on
various "quests" like the "mad butcher".

That was thing that the news told us why it was ground breaking.

In this preview it was daytime, and the text scrolled by quickly and their was a mad butcher.

I just play this, game and all I see is a dead down, and an
endless church filled with baddies. Blood skellingtons, that
thing from doom, midgets, and so forth.

I am just wondering why was this game was ground breaking,
at the time???

Was it the 3d detail at the time? The ability to play online or  nearby computer via network setup? Was the voices? I          just don't get why it was ground breaking.

Shadow run on the SNES seems to be a better game then this thing, especially with all the celtic fonts, and over excessive voice acting. I just wanted to sleep. I mean omgsh
look a whol horde of red skellingtons.

Click, Click, click my way to victory.

They also had Myamoto playing Mario 64 on the show, and he was dying all over the place.
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Re: So I have just played Diablo for the first time
Reply #1 - 29. Dec 2011 at 16:20
I think that it's the addictive gameplay and the awesome multiplayer (Battle.net was impressive then) that made that game ground breaking despite its lack of contents.
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