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Donkey kong 64 (Read 1406 times)
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Donkey kong 64
24. Sep 2011 at 06:14
Great Game. Did anybody really play it and beat donkey kong 64?
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Re: Donkry kong 64
Reply #1 - 24. Sep 2011 at 14:09
Okay, Okay, Okay, let me tell you the horror. However the game is nice to play, but... Cry

The moment I saw the first cutscene to this game, this is what I was going threw me
I knew something was wrong, but I brushed it off. So I continued to play.

1. It had high end graphics, intresting character designs. An
explorive world, and Humanoid Candy Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
That was the good part about this game, which can be seen inside DK's Tree house. Once you leave his tree house your tree house that is it Cool.  The entire game is the tree house.

2. The original series, from the SNES was the only reason I brought this game Wink. I believe Miyamoto made negative responces Angry about the DKC series. However it was a great
game. I remember the original DKC being sold for over
99 dollars when it released and people even speculating
about a Genesis version. At the time nobody even knew what DK was or who he was. The SNES folks. The people
who had never seen a DKC arcade machine.

4. So back to DK64. The first thing you noticed is how DK island is no longer an Island but a Isle, and for some reasons the kremlings was driving a robotic clone of their original home. The moment I saw that I knew something was wrong Lips Sealed. This is not the DKC game I remembered.

So Rare pretty much attempted to do Grand Theft Auto with this game Wink. The problem with this game compared to Banjo Kazooie is that everybody who played the original DKC knows what the world of DK Island looks like, including the Big-Ape City. You could walk around the island in less then a minute, and the Krelmins area was a joke. Also why are the Kremlings lugging around Godzilla Undecided Undecided Undecided???

About the Stages. Big, wonderus, but terrible. The most annoying stage was the mushroom forest. It made no sense at all, and had me entering a giant house for no reason Cry. The only stage in that entire game I could remember that was even close to being playable was the Kremlings floating fortress, which was okay because a factory can look like anything, and the Jungle areas Kiss.

What truly made this game unberallable. Around this time in my life I was starting to see threw Nintendo's brainwashing and waking up. So I asked myself, why am I playing a game where I controlling a gorrila that uses a wooden gun Shocked, and shoots fruit? Why is Cranky a mad scientist? Why is the fricken surfer guy dressed up like a military man Wink Roll Eyes Wink, and is handling weapons, which is totaly out of his character?
I understood Candy. Any moron could understand Candy.
Why is Diddy using a jet-pack, where is his girlfreind ( oh wait diddy got himself a nice younger and tighter girlfreind ).

What kind of game is this. This was gamers hell. This is the twilight zone, and I in it. Okay, Okay, Okay, Rare did one thing intresting, they introduced to  WinkBannana Fairies, WHICH RESIDES ON THAT PATCH OF LAND THAT WAS INACCESSABLE IN THE ORIGINAL DKC GAME. Bannana Birds
made sense in the DKC3, being in the tropic region of the island, but  WinkBannana fairies just pushed my buttons. Also the game had a mermaid. It is no Slutress fairy from Zelda, but at least they had something that made sense. However think about it.

Did I mention the great boss battles. Not one battle is hand to hand combat, like in the original game, and the final boss is a combination of all characters abilities. This game is too stupid for me Shocked, I was crying out of shame thewout the entire game. I mean why oh gosh why did I buy it new ( I know for the Expansion pack ). I was violated Huh, and I was a Nintendo hoar Embarrassed, I mean omgsh, What is huh???

Lat things to think about. The game has great graphics, many of the stages can be enjoyable to a person who never played the original DKC games. Great Staring at Candy all day long, in 3d can be enjoyable, imagine having monkey naked love with her can be enjoyable. I got some prespection pills for me to sleep Roll Eyes, so I can take some of those and watch her strut on stage, and pretend standing in front of me Cheesy. This game makes me feel, it is like being a steam room with a bunch of men Sad, who start to touch me Huh, and then they hold me down Embarrassed, and I am like don't touch me, Undecided leave me alone,  Crydon't touch me. Rareware is more like Wallet  Lips SealedRapeware.

The badmen touch me, they touched me their mister. They said their name was rapeware, and they fled off into Mafiasoft Moutain, playing a flute Cry  hawww haww haww

Right now I am laughing out the insanity that I thought this game was going to be like the last three games but I was wrong. I was even getting my self-hyped up for when I buy the next game of a series. I would usually go back to the original games, and play threw them smiling like a serial fool
( in the case fu ). I am the monkey playing the sonic symbols . In fact was their a monkey playing the sonic symbols. Tongue

The below is how I feel about rapeware to sum things up.

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Re: Donkey kong 64
Reply #2 - 27. Sep 2011 at 14:57
it was a decent platformer the year it came out. i revisited the game a few years back and couldn't believe how it has not withstanded the test of time. This game is SLOWWWWWW as in the frame-rate is slow. the controls are not responsive enough. feels clunky. The tasks are grueling and boring. Interest is lost quite quickly.

Stick with the SNES games or try out the NEW Wii version of DKC. Now thats a well made game!
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