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Where can I find a prototype for star fox 2? (Read 2890 times)
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Where can I find a prototype for star fox 2?
25. Jan 2012 at 00:31
I've been looking for that game for like 3 years and don't know where to find it. I know there are prototypes that exist but I cant find any.
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Re: Where can I find a prototype for star fox 2?
Reply #1 - 28. Jan 2012 at 02:25
None exsist, it was stolen from Nintendo and then uploaded
and returned. Every copy sold, is really a FX
cart with the game dumped to the r0m, and etc job.

I have two so far. The patched , and the unpatched one. However their are variations of the same game. The
multiplay mode is basically the N64 game if I remember,
and the main game is basically a real-time strategy game.
They used parts of the game for the N64 game.

Otherwise it is a completely differnt game. I finished it on the keyboard Angry which is a complete pain on hardmode. You have to race back and forth between Andross and his minions. I do not want to ruin the game for you, but it is
truly amazing, and would have inspired further SENS developement but Nintendo wanted people to get the

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