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Zapper for RetroDuo (Read 2580 times)
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Zapper for RetroDuo
26. Jun 2012 at 13:00
We purchased a "RetroDuo" console  due to we enjoy both games for nes/snes. But we then mistakenly purchased a zapper for a the nes with a small black plug. The RetroDo console ports only accept wide grey snes plug.

- we did find a zapper online with a wide grey snes plug but listing also claims it wont work for our grey/black retroduo console.
-there is also an apparent red duo or triple cartridge console that may accept an wide snes plug . but I shouldnt have to purchase a new console just for a zapper gun.


can anyone suggest something, possibly an adapter for the nes small black plug to fit into a snes port.

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