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Retro Fusion Issue 3 for sale now! (Read 712 times)
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Retro Fusion Issue 3 for sale now!
19. Oct 2012 at 08:55
Howdy folks,

Not sure if you're aware, but Issue 3 of the retro gaming and pop culture mag Retro Fusion has just gone on sale, for a special introductory price of 4.95 plus p&p.

This issue features:

Exclusive interviews with the Pickford Brothers talking about the SNES classic, Plok, and the Montgomery Brothers discussing the Bitmap Brothers and particularly the Amiga classic, Z.

Homebrew Review - The year's most notable homebrew releases across the Speccy, C64, NES, Dreamcast and ZX81 systems.

Alien Legacy - An in-depth look at all the films and video games of the Alien series, starting with Alien and Aliens on the Speccy and C64.

And much, much more!

Also, if you buy the print version you'll get a digital version for free.

You can order your copy by the Retro Fusion website:

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