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wildwaters and sydney 2000 (Read 2189 times)
glenn plant
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wildwaters and sydney 2000
19. Dec 2012 at 23:18
hey everyone,
some of you may know me from my n64 magazine time capsule series on youtube....most likely not but you never know Smiley

im doing a piece on beta / unreleased etc games on n64 and have most of the roms ready to record on my everdrive but i cant seem to find one for the 2 games mentioned in the title. (megaupload links galore of which they are now all obv dead) if anyone could help me out id really appreciate it!

or if you know of anywhere with live links for other n64 pieces id really appreciate it!
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Re: wildwaters and sydney 2000
Reply #1 - 21. Dec 2012 at 15:20
still need those games?
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