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Finding a game title based on its content. (Read 1318 times)
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Finding a game title based on its content.
06. Jan 2013 at 12:00

For few years now I'm looking for the name of a game that I remember playing in childhood on a Famicon (I owned a cartridge but lost it somehow). I only can describe its content, but perhaps someone can identify it only based on that...

The game was a typical platform game, but what makes it stand out was the was of attacking. The character was literally doing a backflip during which it was kicking the soccer ball to the right. After the character was hit the type of ball was changing (and I think the damage as well). After three hits the ball was purple and gave the biggest damage.

Other thing I remember was that there were driving stages where the character was sitting inside a trolley.

Last thing was the password system consisting of 4 characters that would allow you to start the game at later levels.

Great thanks if you spent time reading this and I hope sb. can provide some hits.

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