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Connecting UK PAL to Scandinavian PAL (B/G) TV (Read 667 times)
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Connecting UK PAL to Scandinavian PAL (B/G) TV
04. Jun 2014 at 16:28

I have bought an NES in the UK. I have read different PAL codes for it, including PAL A, V and I. I am not sure which one is the most common to say, the games say "UKV" and when I have bought games online for it, it has been region "A".

I am trying to connect it to a Danish/Scandinavian television. The region code should be PAL B/G.

I tried to connect it directly to the TV, the power adapter worked so far as to power the NES. When I plugged the cables into the TV and put in a game, it powered up and left me with a gray screen. I thnk that the cables are called RC cables, split in three, with white, yellow and red in each end. They came with the console. I checked whether I had put the cables in the right input - and I think that I have.

Does anybody out there know how to fix this/ how to connect a UK NES to a Danish TV?
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