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New to the forum, nes repair help (Read 542 times)
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New to the forum, nes repair help
18. Jun 2014 at 03:58
First off I'd just like to say hello to everyone on the forum and introduce myself.I'm new here.Im a seasoned neser, got my first nes in '87, and its the best Damn console ever made in my opinion.

I've got this nes that is malfunctioning, and want to get it up and running.Now here's the problem.when I plug it in, it powers up, but does not display any video, either with the RF switch or A/V plugged in.the screen only shows static in RF and black screen in A/V, the static does get darker when its on, seems it wants to work but can't put out an image.All the cables are fine, they work with other nes consoles.

lets rule out the 72 pin connector for now because even if that's messed up, the nes should still send a signal to the tv, aka the flashing gray screen.but this one doesn't even show that.where should I start guys? Replace the voltage regulator? Maybe the ppu is fried? Any suggestions would be great.
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