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Connecting The Original NES To A Modern Flat Scree (Read 704 times)
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Connecting The Original NES To A Modern Flat Scree
10. Jul 2014 at 04:04
Hello everyone! I tried a couple of Searches on this without result

Dug out our original NES and Super Nintendo boxes and am trying to connect them to our flat screen TV. Checking online I have seen references to either using a RF adapter or hooking up the older Nintendo systems through a VCR

I looked at a RF adapter at Radio Shack and the connection arrangement looks just like the back up of our good old VCR (still working fine thank you), so I don’t think we need the adapter. However, after connecting the NES through the VCR I just get a “No Signal” on the television

The current set up is coax antenna wire from wall plate to cable box, cable box out to VCR and VCR out to the TV. I connected the yellow and red plugs from the NES to the matching sockets on the back of the VCR with no result. The TV and the NES are both set to channel 4

I think I am likely overlooking something small, but can’t think of what it is. Any advice would be appreciated

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to reply
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Re: Connecting The Original NES To A Modern Flat Scree
Reply #1 - 11. Jul 2014 at 17:08
If your Cable Box can display, try using the RF through the VCR where your cable runs through

Otherwise, if your Composite YRW, is working for the VCR, your asking why does the pass thru for the VCR is not working???

I could assume, that is to record things via the pass thru, and have it viewable on the TV.

Their should be no reason for the problems you are having again

Cox -Cable - VCR - TV = no problems ?
Cox - NES - VCR - TV = no problems ?
Yellow -Cable - VCR - TV = no problems ?
Yellow - NES - VCR - TV = no problems ?

That is what your setup sounds like. Otherwise I would get an box that passes the yellow and sound through, via switch????

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