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Sea-doo Hydrocross

Sea-doo was yet another Nintendo64 title to be released by Vatical Entertainment. It was developed in-house at Vicarious Visions and was to be released in November 2000, one month after Polaris Snocross. Unfortunately not a whole lot of information exists about the title, but I was able to find traces of the game in a Vatical Entertainment Year 2000 Product Line CD from "Electronics Boutique University", the same CD that featured information about Carnivalé, another unreleased Vatical N64 title.


The game was also in development for the Playstation and Gameboy Color, both of these were also developed by Vicarious Visions. However only the Playstation version managed to get a late 2001 release and shortly after Vatical Entertainment vanished.

The N64 version would feature 8 characters and 8 authentic Sea-Doo PWC to choose from, 10 courses containing shortcuts, hidden areas and breakable objects would be available to the player. The ROM size was supposedly 128mbit

Sea-doo Hydrocross for the Nintendo64 was showcased for the first time at E3 in 2000. Only one of the 10 tracks was playable, choppy framerate, no sound and not fully implemented collision detection was also reported from the E3 floor.

Sea-Doo Hydrocross is Vatical Entertainment's attempt at a Wave Race 64 of sorts, but the title showcased at E3 2000 was hardly in any shape to take on Nintendo's classic. With simplistic racing mechanics and a decidedly mediocre 3D engine, there is still a lot of development work to be done here. But if Vatical can pull the game together before its release this September, it could still deliver a fun racing experience for Nintendo 64 owners anxiously awaiting a Wave Race sequel.

For unknown reasons the game got delayed into 2001. It passed Mario Club (Nintendo's) quality check in February of 2001 and the game was announced for release during Spring 2001 and supposedly renamed to Sea-Doo Hydrocross 2001.

On a positive note, the firm's other N64 project, Sea-Doo HydroCross, has recently passed Mario Club and is going into lot check. It should ship to retailers sometime this spring.

The Gameboy Color was also completed and had passed Nintendo's lot check. The game was discovered in the Nintendo Leaked data from 2020, along with all other unreleased Vatical Entertainment Gameboy Color Games.

However the release never happened and there could've been several reasons why, one could be that the game was finished so late in the N64 lifespan that Vatical didn't feel like "gambling" with a release of Sea-Doo. t Plausible reason would be that Vatical was already struggling in early 2001 and decided to cancel pretty much all releases, with the exception of the Playstation version of Sea-doo as manufacturing costs were low.

Vatical Entertainment most likely went out of business sometime late 2001 or early 2002, all traces of the company disappear shortly after the Playstation released of Sea-Doo at November 30, 2001.

If someone out there knows what happened to Sea-doo Hydrocross for the Nintendo64, I would love to hear from you. If we were able to preserve the game that would be even better. Please reach out if you were involved in the making of Sea-doo Hydrocross for the Nintendo64.