Thank you for purchasing Contra Force for the Nintendo Entertainment System. We suggest that you read the following instructions thoroughly before accepting this mission.


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Neo City, not long ago voted most livable city in the U.S., has fallen into the hands of D.N.M.E., immortal scum whose reign of terror has left no one untouched. In their most recent caper, D.N.M.E. has kidnapped the city's chief commissioner. His only hope is C-Force, an independent law enforcement group made up of National Special Force alumnni. But bringing down D.N.M.E. won't be EZ. It'll take cleverness, creativity and calculated risks. But then, they don't call them the C-Force for nothing.


Your mission is to assume the role of Commando Burn and his men, Smith, Beans and Iron. Each man is equipped with unique weapons and skills. Fortunately, you can change commandos at any time to mach their specialties to the task at hand. Choosing the right man for the job is essential. In addition, you have a choice of Battle Plans. These allow yo to call on another commando to join you when the situation calls for it. But he'll only stick around for a few seconds. So select your Battle Plans wisely. To defeat D.N.M.E. you must successfully complete five missions. Some of the enemies and objects you blow away will reveal weapons and items critical to achieving each mission's objective. Collect as many as possible because every time yo do, a power surge will register in the gauge at the bottom of the screen allowing you to select a more powerful weapon. At the end of each mission you will come face to face with a boss enemy. Conquering it will be your toughest test. Fail, and it's back to the beginning of the mission. Each commando starts out with three lives. If you loose all three you're done for, but fortunately you can choose continue. If you do, you'll then be at the beginning of the level you were just in. Select players wisely because each has unique skills that can help you survive longer so the battle can rage on and on.


Insert your GAme Pak into the NES and turn it on. Press the START BUTTON. The Player Select Screen will appear.Choose the commando you wish to control by pressing the CONTROL PAD Up or Down. Choose the 1P character with the 1P controller. In one player mode, you can choose one partner at a time. When playing with two persons, choose the 2P character with the 2P controller. A second player can join at any time during the game. But the same commando cannot be chosen. Press the START BUTTON and the action begins. To change commandos or engage a BAttle Plan press the START BUTTON to pause the game and go to the Command Select Screen. If you want to change commandos, first use the CONTROL PAD to move the 1P cursor to the commando currently being used. Then press the CONTROL PAD Left or Right to change his status to "NO USE". Now move the curser to the commando of choice and use the CONTROL PAD to select "1 PLAYER" status. Then press the START BUTTON again to resume action. To engage a BAttle Plan, move the 1P cursor to another commando and press the CONTROL PAD Left or Right until the desired Battle Plan appears. Then re-enter the battle by pressing the START BUTTON again. These instructions are the same for the 2P player in the 2 Player mode.


START BUTTON Press to enter the Player Select and Command Select modes. Press again to return to game play. SELECT BUTTON Press to select weapon when you've collected enough weapon power-ups. CONTROL PAD Press Up/Down to select commando. Press Right/Left to select Battle Plan. Press 8-directional control of weapon firing. A BUTTON Press to jump. Press with B BUTTON to jump and shoot. B BUTTON Press to shoot. Press while holding CONTROL PAD down to crouch and shoot.



Front Cover Partner is posotioned in front to protect against enemies and traps. Back Cover Partner is positioned behind to protect your rear and flank against enemies or traps. Round Cover Partner is positioned at side to cover your periphery against enemies and traps. Front Keep Partner is positioned in front to fight enemies only. Back Keep Partner is positioned behind to fight enemies only. Assist Cover Partner is positioned behind, and shadows every move you make.



Mission 1 - The Dewerdrye Warehouse The phone rings at C-FOrce Headquaters. It's Fox, former colleague and all around sly guy. Seems the chief is caught in a trap at an abandoned warehouse somewhere on the warf. Your mission is to trek down to the warehouse swarming with traps in an attempt to take the terrorists. Mission 2 - The U.S.S. Unkmy Battleship If you've made it this far, congratulations, but the battle's just begun. D.N.M.E. has escaped and boarded a boat outside the building. So grap your weapons and your sea legs. But don't go overboard, cause there's one thing you need more than defeated D.N.M.E: information. Mission 3 - The Sheeshee Towers Construction Site D.N.M.E. may be dumb, but they're not stupid. They're holdup in a high-rise that's under construction and the building's got more traps than a construction crew's got lunch boxes. If you expect to make it through this mission, you'd better leave your vertigo behind. Mission 4 - The Thunder Wolf Helicopter Think you got the best of D.N.M.E.? Better not start beaming yet, because there's a bomb in the basement and the building is about to go up in smoke. Your only hope is to head for the helicopter on the roof. If you can take control of the copter you better hightail it back to headquaters. Mission 5 - C-Force Headquaters You're back at headquaters. Unfortunately, you're not farther ahead. The chief's still missing and you've got a press conference in half an hour. Suddently the silence is shattered along with your windows, and D.N.M.E. is on you like a swarm of bees. The good news is, you've got the home field advantage. The bad news is, you're outnumbered 10 to 1.