AUGUST 9TH, 2020
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No scan available
Regional Title Mace - The Dark Age
Publisher Midway
Developer Midway
Release Date
GamePak ID
GamePak Region ID AUS
CIC Lockout Type
PCB Type
ROM Size 96 Mbit
ROM Revision 1.0
Game Type Fighting
Game Language
Players 1 - 2
Multiplayer Mode Simultaneously
Cartridge Rarity Not Rated
Save Option ControllerPak
? Pages
ControllerPak Yes
ControllerPak Manager No
RumblePak No
ExpansionPak No
Large scan available Large scan available Large scan available
Large scan available Large scan available Large scan available
No scan available
No scan available
Box ID
Box Barcode
Box Rarity Not Rated
Manual ID
Manual Rarity Not Rated
Poster Unknown
Registration Card Unknown
Precaution Leaflet Unknown
Other Unknown
Funny thing is that it's supposed to have ControllerPak save, however nothing happens when you hit the save button under options.

To unlock each secret, move to each character listed and tap start after each one, then go to your desired character and select as usual. All of these secrets are for two-player mode except for the Random A.I.

Battle in a Mini Golf Course (Koyasha, Mordus Kull, Takeshi)
Battle at Machu Pichu (Namira, Koyasha, Taria)
Battle in the Castle (Mordus Kull, Taria, Ragnar)
Battle in San Francisco Rush (Xiao Long, Al' Rashid, Koyasha)
Battle with a Big Noggin' (Ragnar, Al' Rashid, Takeshi)
Battle in Micronaut Mode (Takeshi, Al' Rashid, Ragnar, Xiao Long)
Battle in Super Speed Grid Mode (Ichiro, Xiao Long, Koyasha)
Battle the Random A.I. (Hell Knight, Xiao Long, Dregan, Namira)

To select a particular stage in which to fight, go to the character's portrait in player select and tap START four times. Then select your character as usual.