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Large scan available
Regional Title Stunt Racer 64
Publisher Midway
Developer Boss Game Studios
Release Date October 01, 2000
GamePak ID NR3E
GamePak Region ID USA
United States of America
CIC Lockout Type CIC-NUS-6102A
PCB Type NUS-01A-03
ROM Size 96 Mbit
ROM Revision 1.0
Game Type Racing
Game Language English
Players 1 - 4
Multiplayer Mode Simultaneously
Cartridge Rarity Rare
Save Option ControllerPak
9 Pages
ControllerPak Yes
ControllerPak Manager Yes
RumblePak Yes
ExpansionPak Yes
Large scan available Large scan available Large scan available
Large scan available Large scan available Large scan available
Large scan available
Large scan available
Box Barcode 031719198252
Box Rarity Exceptionally Rare
Manual Rarity Exceptionally Rare
Poster Unknown
Registration Card
Precaution Leaflet Unknown
This game release is pretty interesting as it has a quite sad story behind it. The game was developed by Boss Game Studios, known for other N64 games such as Top Gear Rally, World Driving Championship and Twisted Edge Snowboarding.

First announced in February 1999 the game was called Stunt Racer 3000, or simply 3K. Around December the first screenshots from the game started appearing on the internet and in magazines.

Boss Games Studio then started a development "blog" on their website for interested players to follow the process of creating a Nintendo game. A pretty cool way to stirr up a bit of hype if you ask me.

Then after months of silence Midway and Blockbuster would announce a Blockbuster exclusive rental only - being Stunt Racer 64. Sadly that would become the only to play the game for years to come, until Blockbuster started selling of their N64 scrap.

So Stunt Racer 64 became a rental only game which meant that the supply was limited and as most Blockbuster stores threw away the boxes it's pretty tough to find a complete copy today.

The idea with SR3K really came from awhile back when we were screwing around with Rally. We were driving around in Rally and building stuff, and it was actually kind of fun to do some of the big jumps. Colin Gordon of Boss Games Studios said in an interview with IGN.

In March year 2000 Boss Game Studios announced a slight name change for their upcoming, it was now going to be called Stunt Racer 64 - everything back then just had to have 64 in the title.

Boss would also announce that Midway had picked up the publishing rights for the game, but somehow choose not to put the game on display at E3 that year.

Then in May news spread through MCV that Midway had decided to cancel the release of Street Racer 64 because of a missed delivery by Boss Game Studios. Boss of course began seeking a new publisher, but by year 2000 it surely wasn't easy to gain publishers interest in an N64 title.

Then after months of silence Midway and Blockbuster announced that Stunt Racer 64 would become a Blockbuster exclusive - meaning rental only.

So after all this work and hyping their release, Boss Game Studios final N64 release would only see the light of day in a limited rental only version.

And as most Blockbusters didn't keep the cardboard boxes for rental games, finding a complete copy today it pretty tough.

By the time Stunt Racer was being released as rental only, Boss Game Studios had abandonned the N64 completely and was focusing on the Xbox. Actual work on an Xbox title, called Racer X, was begun and announced in 2002.

However Boss Game Studios soon after shut its doors, one could only wonder if the fate of Stunt Racer 64 caused this.

Final thoughts. Stunt Racer is an amazing racer with great contol and nice track layout that surely deserved much more attention than a simple rental only release.

How sad…