August 5th, 2010 - 3:45 pm - Posted by Martin

Well it looks like there's yet another NES game in the works, Assimilate by Nessylum Games.

Here's the developers details about the game..

Assimilate is an easy to grasp 2D sidescrolling action game for the NES. You control a UFO that moves from city to city assimilating their local populations.

In each city, your radar points you in the general direction of the next weak-minded fool. As you get withing range of the target, an arrow appears to show you where they are. Simply hover above the arrow and hold the B button to extend your beam. When it reaches the building, the victim will begin levitating into your ship and henceforth the assimilation will automatically begin. But don't let go of the B button before the victim is securely in your ship, or the beam shuts off and the victim plummets to their death. And what's much more tragic, you lose points!

Any time you don't have a victim in your beam or in your ship, you can switch between four different tools used to assimilate your victims by pressing Start and cycling through the options. Some tools take longer to assimilate the victims while onboard your ship, but once the victim is planted back in the city your Assimilation % gets a significantly higher boost. Weaker tools will assimilate the victim much quicker, but will also give a lower Assimilation % when the victim is placed back into the population.

While a victim is aboard, your ship moves at half-speed, making it a bit more difficult to dodge those annoying missiles and bullets. If you have a lot closing in on you and need to move quick, you can press A to eject the victim and return to normal speed. However, you will lose points and your Assimilation Progress Bar at the top of the screen will, of course, revert to zero. And the victim will plummet to horrible splattering death bla bla bla -- what sucks is you loose points and progress.

The objective of each stage is to reach 100% assimilation as fast as you can. At the end of the stage, any time you have accrued gets deducted from your score, so MOVE!

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