September 1st, 2020 - 4:56 pm - Posted by Martin
Some 25 years ago, this very day, I launched a small website as a tribute to my favourite video game system as a kid, the Nintendo Entertainment System. Back then the World Wide Web was still in it's early years and the number of Nintendo related websites was rather sparse, but it was fun times and sometimes I wish I could return to those days and start over, do some things differently, others completely undo, and some kept just as they turned out, not just website wise 🙂
Well back then I did wonder for how long the site would remain online, and bumps along the way, just as the demise of the Parodius Network, which could have put an end to NESWORLD. With that said I'm a very grateful to Jeremy Chadwick for hosting the site though rough times. There are also others who donated bandwidth and space for the site over the years, thanks to every one of you.
With that said I never would have imagined that the site would stay  online for 25 years, though the past couple of years I probably have seen it coming and I actually did have several things in mind for the grand 25, but the past 10 years or so of my life have been kind of hectic, house, wife, life, birth, death, troublesome family debacles, adulthood.. I bet most of you know what I mean, everything in life has an impact on you and in the end, spending time on a small website I made ages ago just didn't have a great priority.
I have wanted to do something with the site many many times - it has been a little depressing seeing it wanish into something obsolete and irrelevant, as if it ever was relevant, but I hope you know what I mean.
Either way I have had tons of fun making the site over the years and I better end this now before it turns into a sob story 🙂
I would like to thank every one of you who have visited the site during the past 25 years, it has been a great pleasure to serve you bits and pieces of Nintendo history and information.
And with that said, no the site is not dead, maybe some day there will be new content, who knows, but again Thank you for visiting 🙂 
- Martin