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07.APR.2001 WELL..
It's now been over a month since the last update and I honestly can't say that I've been working on something new all this time, unfortunately, as I've had other things to take care of. The Gameboy Advance was finally released in Japan and I should be getting my unit next week, 2 units actually as I ordered an extra by mistake oops :)

I ofcourse also bought a copy of Mario Advance, the sequel to Super Mario Bros 2 (aka. Dream Shop Doki Doki Panic), which has to be my all time favourite NES game. I'll ofcourse write a review of the game, but you'd have to head over to 64scener to read it.

When I said that I hadn't been working on anything new at all for NES WORLD the past month, well I might not have been telling the whole truth, heh, cause a sub section has been added. It's called "The Archives" and actually covers anything but the Nintendo Entertainment System. What you will find there is some of the more odd stuff I've managed to get my hands on over the years, such and the newly purchased Shinco DVD-868 player with built-in Sega Megadrive player :)

Right now there's only the Shinco page along with a new pages from an old, and now crashed and burned, project of mine called both Classicon and Console World, a site which never really pulled off, mainly because I couldn't handle updating both NES WORLD and Classicon/Console World. But I've now merged it with NES WORLD as a sub section which will receive an update now and then, but NW is still the main site for new stuff :)

Anyway.. I think something new might be added to NW soon...