25 AUGUST 2001
Sorry no NES news this time, instead I've added some Super Nintendo copier info to The Archive, you can find copiers such as the Super Wild Card DX2 and the Supercom Partner.

11 AUGUST 2001
What can I say, it took me a lot longer than expected to return to normal, hmmm that somehow came out a bit wrong :) Anyway I finally got around to scanning those cartridges I picked up in Turkey and you can find a small article about them if you click here.

I managed to freak out, or sort of, the guy at the store where I bought most of the cartridges, like when I picked up 16 carts the first time I went to the store, he even asked if I was going to sell them when I got back home, hmmm. The article doesn't offer a close look at any of the stuff, but I promise it will be done eventually as some of it is quite interesting, like the mouse thingies.

3 AUGUST 2001
Returned from Íren Apts, Marmaris (Icmeler), Turkey, about 6 hours ago and am actually just about to go to bed (aah my own bed, yes!). I had a great time there, though it has depressed the shit out of me now that I'm back home, let me just mention going from a country with sun and erm... you know, to a(nother) rainy day in Denmark, argh, and not to mention the loss of erm, well, uh... nevermind ;)

I just wanted to let you know that I am back now and to tell you that Turkey is a kickass place to spend you vacation, and yeah they do have a lot of pirate stuff there, mostly PSX and GB Color these days, but I did manage to find a lot of famicom cartridges and even buy a few, 30 or something heh, one (okay two carts) even includes an odd pokemon game, nothing I recall seeing before. Also picked up two clones, one looking like a PS One and the other like a laptop computer (seems a bit faulty though). I also picked up a couple of mice for the Famicom, yeah really!! with cartridges containing a stupid, hilarious, port (remake) of windows as well as word and excell.

And to you TRM, yeah I do know about butter cookies, they're not my favourites though, if you're able to get some chocolate chip cookies from the danish company "Kjeldsen" (Keldsens), I know they export 90% or more of their chocolate chip cookies, you should. Be warned though, you get addicted! ;)

If I do not sleep for too long tomorrow, and isn't too depressed still, I'll try to have a nice little update showing off some of the stuff I picked up.

As for now, good night.