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29 AUGUST 2007 - 19:45 CET
Johan of subheart.com contacted me a while back wanting to create a box for the PowerPak made by RetroUSB (Bunnyboy). Now the final revision for the box is finished and I must say that it looks absolutely amazing. Of course the big challenge is to make an actual box, printning it on cardboard. I'll be doing some test prints shortly, until then you can enjoy the sweet render made by Johan :-)

Please note that the downloadable PDF with the box is still in the test phase.

Boxart PDF download is available here. (5 mb)
Larger version of the render is available here.

28 AUGUST 2007 - 01:45 CET
This news post isn't NES related sorry. But a few weeks back I bought a flash cart for the SNES and decided to make a small entry in my long lost archives section about the SuperFlash as it's called. Click here to check it out.

24 AUGUST 2007 - 22:15 CET
I'm back from a small vacation on sunny (and yet rainy) Mallorca - Spain, it was fun to be back to the same place I visited some 8 years ago but also sad to see how much things have changed, mostly for the worse it seemed. I went to the "Porto Pi" mall this time as well, but the small shop with the Rodland games was long gone and replaed by a Game branch.

Other than that it was sad to see what tourism had done to Mallorca after all these years, what a fucking mess everywhere not to forget the massive group of extremely drunk english people, it almost felt like I was in England rather than Spain.

But with that saidd, my girlfriend and I had a great time there and I even managed to find a few souvenirs :-)

I'd like to end this small update by thanking you for visiting NES WORLD, I really do appreciate it. In a very near future I'll have some real updates coming, maybe not NES related but at least it's Nintendo stuff :-)

11 AUGUST 2007 - 12:15 CET
I'm not sure if it was because of my Big Nose article but something very nice and generous happened yesterday. The owner, Basil Timmins, of the Big Nose & the Witchdoctor demo mentioned in my article has been released the demo for everyone to enjoy. However I won't be posting the ROM here as I do not have permission to do so, from the authors of the Big Nose game that is, so you'll have to head over to NintendoAge for a link to the rom. Enjoy and thanks to Basil!

10 AUGUST 2007 - 17:40 CET
So yeah I was a little bored a while back and decided to make a page about a long forgotten Codemasters video game character called Big Nose. I was planning to do a small interview with the two authors of Big Nose but honestly it didn't exactly work out as planned by me, I got close to no response from the company they're currently working for... Anyway click here to read my little Big Nose article. Have Fun! :-)

8 AUGUST 2007 - 22:50 CET
Alex Mauer of "NES Music on a Cart" also known as Vegavox fame is about to release yet another music cartridge called Color Caves, featuring some very sweet artwork to set the right mood for each song. The music is made along with a someone who goes by the name phlogiston and the cartridge contains the followin 10 songs: Portelse, Farjanta, 775, Faolo, Sikrifjs, Tophat, Dmagosin, L.Queen, Rhino, Rhinoyel.

The price of a Alex Mauer NES album has rised a little, from $23 to now $25. Thumbs up for the effort of releasing NES music albums, but maybe it's time to make a deal with RetroZone for some carts instead of killing more old but innocent NES cartridges? :-)

The new album can be ordered from Alex Mauers website, called Headless Barbie. My copy is already ordered so I better review Vegavox now before Color Caves arrives, hehe.

For a preview of Color Caves, click here (YouTube video).