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V.2005 - 1.00LS

31 JANURAY 2005 - 21:40 CET
Oh my, another update of the site. Well a Super Joy III landed on my doorstep today and I decided to write a crappy review and take some photos. IT's seriously not worth reading, but feel free to check it out anyway. ( read ).

26 JANURAY 2005 - 22:45 CET
Okay I'll admit that I'm lazy, but here's a small review of the PocketFami handheld released recently. I might be doing a few updates of the page over the next days, so please report if there are any questions about the PocketFami that you would like to get answered or if I've made any mistakes/typos in the review :-)

Check it out ( here )

21 JANURAY 2005 - 22:49 CET

If you're a reader of the NES WORLD Messageboard you would've seen a message regarding another handheld Famicom getting released, it was actually announced during fall last year, but didn't arrive in the asian shops until now.

The new little wonder is called no less than PocketFami and is published by GameTech, famous for their Gameboy Advance "TVdeAdvance" TV hookup, but also for the Famicom NEO clone which is said to be of good quality, unlike most other clones.

The PocketFami sells for US$130 which is quite expensive compared to the Game Theory Admiral Famicom handheld, which went for US$40-50, so the question is.. is the PocketFami that much better?

... Check back soon to find out :-)