JUNE 2003

Page created: 7th August 2003
by Martin Nielsen.


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30 JUNE 2003 - 22:40 CET
Yeah yeah, not a lot is going on around here I know, but I told you it'd happen didn't I?. Anyway I was just browsing through Success' Internet store and found a few pretty cheap Famicom clones, how about an Xbox model for just US$25 + shipping, that's pretty damn cheap if you ask me, I know I'll be ordering one of those babies soon. Maybe if you tell them NES WORLD sent you, I'll get one for free? haha, I think not, go buy one anyway. ( shop shop shop ).

Oh yeah, the clones are located in the "Cool Stuff" section.

30 JUNE 2003 - 22:40 CET
Hopefully we'll have a great board upgrade soon as we're hopefully changing to a whole other, a lot faster, version of the YaBB forum, being the MySQL/PHP based YaBB SE instead of the current slow YaBB Gold Pearl version, which is a nightmare to keep updated and administrate, atleast after having checked out the YaBB SE I installed over at

Anyway I gotta talk to Jeremy a bit and convince him that this is a great idea. Hopefully the result will atleast be a slight speed improvement, but hey, better than none, right?....

14 JUNE 2003 - 19:25 CET
Made a small page about the GBA E-Reader, not NES related you say? Well I think it is! ( check ).

12 JUNE 2003 - 19:38 CET
I doubt that many of you care, but I now own the following domains: (obviously)

Though you won't be able to use any other domain than to access the site, the other ones were registered to "make sure" no one gets any ideas :)

9 JUNE 2003 - 20:00 CET
The history is now a bit more complete as the emulation era of the site is included, even with some of the old web pages back online! No, downloads are not available anymore, heh. ( check ).

9 JUNE 2003 - 17:10 CET
When making my about page yesterday, well most of it yesterday, I was browing though an old backup CD of NES WORLD, finding lots of stuff lost in the upgrade in 1999. One of these things was a small article about Nintendo crushing a lot of NES clones here in Denmakr back in 1996, after having won a lawsuit again the people importing it. It has now been added to the pirate section. ( check ).

8 JUNE 2003 - 22:30 CET
I decided to rewrite a 4 year old "about page" from an old version of NES WORLD. It was huge fun but is still missing pieces of the history, which I'll get around to over the next weeks. But it's pretty much complete so I decided to post it, enjoy this little piece of text ( check ).

3 JUNE 2003 - 22:25 CET
It's no secret that I've been tired of the current speed of NES WORLD for some time. To avoid problems with parodius regarding another project of mine, 64scener, I decided to go for a danish commercial webhosting for that site, now located at I got the details today and moved 64scener there. The speed impressed me a bit, and you should be able to feel a difference from a shared 256kbit ( to a 100mbit (shared of of course).

Right now I just want to see if things work out there, though I'm positive it will. If I'm satisfied after having 64scener hosted there a month, I damn better be since I paid a year in advance, well then I quite sure NES WORLD will be moving there too. I'm not complaining about the hosting at parodius, they're giving NW all the juice (bandwidth) they feel they can, for free, but the site has grown to a size where that bandwidth limit is exhausted, and I don't feel like asking for more since i'm not paying a dime for the hosting.

Of course it isn't cheap to move the site, but I feel my financial situation now can handle it, and no, there will be no banners after the move. The last year I've owned which most of you, thank god, are using now to get here, the domain will of course be transfered to the new location if it happens.

I'm not sure when/if the move will happen, but I'll let you know once things are a bit more clear, a few things needs to be ironed out first, such as a disk limit being raised from a max 300MB to 500-600MB instead, at hopefully very little extra cost.

1 JUNE 2003 - 23:45 CET
Catching up on a few pieces. Eventhough I'm officially taking a break from updating or even writing new material, there's always stuff happening behind the scene.

I've received permission from StarDot (make that Color Dreams) to make the Escape of Atlantis game rom available to you all. Eventhough it's been around for months through other sources, you may now download and enjoy the game without any seconds thoughts of playing a pirated game. Along with the "official rom release of Escape from Atlantis" I've pulled a couple of other rom images out from the dust pile, being a CDR, and added them to the archive, where they used to be before the NES WORLD V2 upgrade in almost 3 years ago, so enjoy! ( check )

I've also managed to get my hands on the new breed of NES consoles, or rather VCD players with built-in NES emulators. So I've added what hopefully only is the first of these to the pirate archive. ( check )

Oh yeah, in case you haven't noticed and care. I've added the past two months updates to the archive, so if you think you've missed something you just can't live without knowing, go there now ( check ).