MAY 2002

29TH MAY 2002
This is the title of a new NES game in the works, looks very promising too. ( read )

24TH MAY 2002
Yet another small update. This time it's not NES related though, but an update of the Videogame Archive. The new addition is a couple of Nintendo64 prototypes and a bit of history about them. ( read )

NOTE: Due to a change on the parodius server, NES WORLD was down for an unknown period today (and yesterday?). The only file affected was the index.htm file, which could no longer be used, atleast not the way I had named it. Sorry about the "downtime".

20TH MAY 2002
I've created a small Datach page for the accessory section. It has absolutely no new info but some nice new pictures, more of that crap to come. ( read ) Oh and an update of the archive is soon to come aswell.

15TH MAY 2002
Hasn't been much going on at NES WORLD for a few weeks now, sorry about that, but I've been busy looking for a house, and actually signed the contract for a brand new house yesterday, it's currently under construction. Anyway thanks to a good old friend of mine, NES-God, I no longer have an excuse not to update my prototype section, as a matter of fatc I've actually redone the whole thing, with a more exclusive design not used by any other NES site I know of. ( read )

A lot of the protos from the old page are missing, but I just wanted to throw this new one online to let you all know that I'm not dead or anything like that ;)

That's it for today's power trip!

6TH MAY 2002
Finally the domain is owned by the website which should've owned it in the first place, but thanks to various people it did not happen until now. Anyway you can use to access the site now, should make everything a little easier?