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Message started by Psytronic on 08. Feb 2008 at 09:28

Title: PAL Maniac Mansion in box - perfect condition
Post by Psytronic on 08. Feb 2008 at 09:28
I was pretty excited to find this at the local Gametraders store.  Cost me less than $10 Australian.  I cannot thank the fellow who decided to sell this game enough.

I also got a copy of Gargoyle's Quest (Gameboy) in the box with its manual and the Gameboy safety/instructions pamphlet.  This one was an even bigger find to me, because I've never seen GQ for sale on store shelves, and it actually came with its original manual in near-perfect condition.

There were a few more in-box games, but I already had most of them (sans boxes), and I tend to feel that if I already own an awesome game I should let someone else have the chance to own them.  Regardless, I was pretty excited to see the PAL Mega Man 3 boxart.

I don't tend to trade online very often, unless I absolutely need a game - ie Ducktales 2/Chip & Dale 2/Battletoads & Double Dragon.  I then tend to get just as excited as I used to about getting new games when I was a kid - most things do not have this effect on me.  About the only current series that does is Metroid.  Since the better(to play) NES games are so cheap nowadays, and I mostly just pick them up on a whim when I see them in the store, I don't tend to get that feeling of elation.  These games did it, though.

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