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Message started by mantaro on 28. Feb 2008 at 21:34

Title: my greatest finds yet
Post by mantaro on 28. Feb 2008 at 21:34
Hi. im new here :)
I found a nes deck in a local thrift store for 12 bucks-and it was in fantastic condition ;D maybe it was a later model. but here's whats funny about all this-
a few weeks before that, i bought a nes complete system at a place called moving trading co. for sixty-five dollars. the system was in slightly poor condition and the controllers were kinda faulty-then i discovered the other deck at the thrift store. it was in much better condition, as the games i inserted responded much better than the $65 unit, so i refunded the said  system and used the money towards getting a turbografx. did anyone have a similar experience?

also, in that same store i found bonks adventure, spatterhouse, keith courage, and alien crash-all complete for six dollars each.

my other great thrift store finds-
kabuki-quantum fighter
adventure island
rock & ball
-and thats just a few of the top of my head.I'll return later when i can remember anything else.

Title: Re: my greatest finds yet
Post by Skipper_Lucky11 on 01. Mar 2008 at 01:04
cool good job man! are you talking CIB games or just loose copys?

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