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Message started by Nightowljrm on 18. Aug 2011 at 09:21

Title: Two Homebrews To Look Out For
Post by Nightowljrm on 18. Aug 2011 at 09:21
We all know to look forward to Battle Kid 2: Mountain of Torment, and for obvious reasons, but I think within this Battle Kid-hype, some homebrewers have been left in the dark, and consequently, aren't very well-known.

The first one I'd like to mention is one that RetroCollect has made a news article about: Super Bat-Puncher. In all honesty, this game is extremely promising. If you have not played the demo, I suggest you go play it now. You can find Morphcat, the creator's, blog here. It has not been updated since June. Shortly after releasing the demo, however, he released a video on his YouTube account that showcased some two-player action. Sadly, it's all in the same area as seen in the demo. It'd be good to subscribe to his YouTube channel in order to easily access any news if or when it is released. According to YouTube, he has not been online in a month, but we all know how inaccurate that can be. The "recent activity" section of his channel supports this as it appears he has not even commented, rated, or favorited a video since then. I have tried contacting him and I have not received any response. I'll message him periodically. On NESDev, the last post I've seen by him in relation to his project was on July 03, which, considering that was only a little over a month ago, the project is still on. His NESDev profile is here for all your stalking needs.

The next homebrew game is one that is not nearly as popular as Battle Kid or Super Bat-Puncher. In fact, far less, but it deserves attention. The game is called Nomolos ("Solomon" backwards. I do not know if this has anything to do with the Biblical figure or any connotations the name possesses. In the description of his first video, he said it was the name of one their cats. I don't know if this means cats in the game or pets in real life). The game is being produced by a user who goes by the name "gradualgames". Here is a link to his YouTube account so that you may subscribe to him as well. His first video about Nomolos shows some gameplay with, what I assume to be, basic gameplay. The music seems to be very well composed and it seems to borrow elements from Castlevania, which is a plus in my book. While some graphics are ugly, some are very nicely done, so it shows much potential! His second video about Nomolos, released a month later, appears to be for MAGFest 9 and it features updated footage of a much better quality. If you judged by YouTube, you'd think the project was dead; however... his blog on Blogspot features a post made just yesterday, August 17, 2011, about the one-year anniversary of Nomolos and pictures of an amazing cake!! So the project is NOT dead. Specifically, all that is known for certain is that on May 22, 2011, there was a very encouraging post:
[quote="Gradual Games"]
Progress is going very well on Nomolos recently---we've got the 5th background set and enemies completed, and are soon going to begin development on the 6th and final background set, enemies, and final boss. After that we will work on a couple of cut scenes, probably one at the beginning and the end of the game, and the ending. Even though the whole game is not quite complete, we're also entering a more rigorous beta testing phase. My estimate, allowing for life to happen, is that the game will be very close to completion by Christmas time. I'm not sure yet whether I'll be at MAGfest physically next year, but hopefully Nomolos will have some sort of presence there if not. Either way, Laurie and I are very excited that we're in sight of the end of this long, challenging but ultimately very fun project. And we're looking forward to seeing other people play it, regardless of what form that may be.
So some playable demo may be available soon! But wait, there's more! I attempted to contact him, too, but this time, with better results! Here is his reply:
[quote="Gradual Games"]
Thanks for the comment! Have no fear. The project will not die. We are working on the final pair of levels and final boss. My hope is the "draft" of the game will be pretty much done by Christmas, and then after a few months of polish I ought to be able to make it available.
August 9, 2011 10:15 AM
This is an obvious confirmation that the game is still under production with no intentions of ceasing.  :D If you have a Blogspot/Blogger, it would probably be a good idea to follow him as well; he only has three followers with myself included.

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