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Message started by arivega1234 on 22. Dec 2011 at 20:05

Title: Pokemon (GB)
Post by arivega1234 on 22. Dec 2011 at 20:05
I love all version of the old Pokemon Game Boy games who else love's Pokemon.

Aka as Gotta Catch Em' All!!

Title: Pocket Monsters = biggest waste of life in history
Post by RegalSin on 06. Jan 2012 at 13:01
Pokemon was the most biggest waste of my entire life.
I am a victim of pokemon and I am suffering for it now.
Nintendo should be sued for allowing battery failure, to occur
for pokemon victims. All of them lv100 was erased. My Aerodactyle, and many more. At one point I was staying up late for ten to twenty hour battles against something that was bound to be erase by battery failure. I could have been studying, having sex  with more then one woman at a time, and even, working.

Pokemon promotes homosexual activity.
One time I even traded to have sex with a playboy model
just to talk with a group of guys, about pokemon. I remember
being in Junior high and all the boys legs was locked like a zipper, playing pokemon. They all got up and had a hard time leaving the cafiteria.

Pokemon is an addiction, and I almost got killed over pokemon. A person stole my gameboy from my locker, and then while he was doing his acting club, I snuck inside school
and stole back my pokemon, and my crappy infected gameboy. During the street gang problems of the mid 1990's two drugged up people almost killed me for what what was in my pockets. All I could think about was losing my pocket monsters.

Pocket mOnsters is a big waste of money. Over 300 dollars in
pocket monsters crap. Maybe even a thousand dollars let me count.

Pokemon Red 50
Pokemon Blue 50
Pokemon Yellow import 40
Second Gameboy to trade with myself 20
Game link cable black  ( stolen ) 10
Game link cable ( purple and clear ) 20
N64 game 50
N64 game II 20
Pokemon Snap 40
Pokemon Pikachu 50
Pokemon walker 20
Pokemon Gold 40-20
Pokemon Sliver 40-20
Pokemon Saphire 50 ( I thought I could use my originals,
dumb me ha ha ha )

Pokemon was good for awhile. I will admit people of all age groups would play together, but seriously I am a grown person, to hell I would play pokemon with a five year old.
I mop the floor with a five year old, any day.

The only good about Pokemon was Jessie and her Bazooka chest, and that is about it. To hell with tomboy midget bitcy histy misty. Yeah pretty much.

The game was not a bad idea, the characters was not bad at all. However when Rosie O Donald is talking about it, and
their is an Ice show starring Giovoni, then something must be wrong.


Speaking of Fads, before that they had the yoyo fad. Everybody owned a Yo-Yo even Grandma. They had Yo-Yo
for sale at 200 dollars, one time. Even a Yo-Yo world store.
Seriously WTF??? A yo-yo was an auwsome thing one time.

Then came the tamigotchi fad. Seriously I would even collect the damn things and put them in a cotton soft basket. WTF
was I thinking. I god damn teenager raising pretend creatures
that was displayed on screen, WTF. This was ten times dumber then a turn-based RPG.

Then like any moron I read a magazine. Nintendo Magazine.
I read about Pokemon when it was cool in Japan. Like any R-tarded American I watched TV. I saw the animation ( which of course the first couple of episode was great ) and then I brought the game and started to go on my pocket Mon . Journey.  I even made up a little song to go with the intro

Pokemon ...... Pokemon........ toggethherr we will bee something... fightt for you.. we will dieee forr youu ..
toggetthherrr, live life foreevreerr.

And many more.

That is what I think about pokemon. I still have my originals
on my N64 cart. If I can get those to a backup file, including the photos then I could get rid of it.

Title: Re: Pokemon (GB)
Post by NESdude155 on 26. Mar 2012 at 22:13
its the greatesty video game scheme ever gotta chatch em all, they keep adding more damn pokemon and its getting out of hand. I am only a fan of fire red.

Title: Re: Pokemon (GB)
Post by RegalSin on 01. Apr 2012 at 06:23
You see all of that crap I went threw playing this videogame. All that time I could have actually been learning real instructional materal or even have a life.

I had impentrable force of pokemon that could mop the floor with almost anybody I went up against. What did it get me? A big waste of time.

Title: Re: Pokemon (GB)
Post by NusDoggy Dogg on 18. Jan 2013 at 01:26
I just picked up Yellow version for $17.50 off an auction on Ebay. Everywhere else I looked at wanted at least $35.00+ which is too much IMO.

I just beated Fire Red version and caught Suicune. Going to get me Leaf Green version and catch more poke'mon and transfer them to Fire Red so I can get my Poke'dex filled.

Title: Re: Pokemon (GB)
Post by Roko Yuki Hime on 21. Jul 2017 at 04:40
At least, I beat Pokemon Green.

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