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Message started by NESdude155 on 03. Jul 2012 at 21:18

Title: mortal kombat
Post by NESdude155 on 03. Jul 2012 at 21:18
hey guys im buying a snes in a couple weeks and i want a mortal kombat game. What one would be the best to get? (cant buy the third its too much money  :'() please help!

Title: Re: mortal kombat
Post by RegalSin on 02. Aug 2012 at 03:15
I heard that Mortal Kombat II,  was best on the SNES, in comparison to the Genesis, but it was also released on the 32X. MK3, was released on PSX, N64, and Genesis I heard.
The MK3, for the SNES must have been limited, because not too many people brought MK2 for the SNES.

It is very difficult for me to say. MK series all use pre-rendered characters, and the Genesis has a slightly bigger screen, but I do not think the sprites are any bigger.

My brain keeps saying MK2, but I do not remember MK3???
Once again MK series is a genesis thing.

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