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Message started by Wasg13 on 15. Feb 2015 at 21:37

Title: Wasg13 WTB Thread for NES
Post by Wasg13 on 15. Feb 2015 at 21:37
Message me with anything you have

Manuals looking to buy:
Batman - Return of the Joker
Burai Fighter
Captain America and the Avengers
Casino Kid
Circus Caper
Classic Concentration
Cobra Command
Days of Thunder
Double Dare
Fisher-Price: Perfect Fit
Metal Storm
Night Shade
Quattro Sports
Sesame Street: 123
Short Order/Eggslode
Silk Worm
Spot: The Videogame!
Super Team Games
Ultimate Stuntman

Going to try to finish my number set so looking for these things:
1942 box
720 box
8 eyes box

Also looking to trade a top gun second mission box for someone's top gun box. pm me thanks

Alright going to add some more and see if anyone has any tengen things i need to complete that subset
Here's what I'm looking for.
5 Tengen Dust sleeves long or short doesn't matter.
After Burner Box
Alien Syndrome Box and Manual
Fantasy Zone Box and Manual
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Box
Klax Manual
Pac-Man Box
Pac-Mania Box and Manual
R.B.I. Baseball Manual
Toobin Box and Manual
Vindicators Box and Manual

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