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Hounder's Feedback Thread (Read 39691 times)
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Re: Paging: Hounder UPDATE!
Reply #60 - 23. Jul 2007 at 23:13
I still blame ebay  Smiley

I blame it for killing off Pepper's (Neil Gordon) Video Game Auctions too.... holy crap I miss those days when auctions were held using a mail group, haha Smiley

I can thank that guy for some of the gems in my collection and it was hard to wait for those packages sent from Canada by ground.... it took FOREVER!!

Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 17:28:29 -0600 (MDT)
From: Neil Gordon <pepper@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca>
To: pepper@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
Subject: Peppers Video Game Auction Update #2

Welcome to Peppers Video Game Auction

Items in this Auction
Jaguar               1 item      Colecovision    17 items
Super Nintendo       1 item      NES (nintendo)  55 items
Genesis              1 item      Vic-20          28 items
Atari 2600          42 items     C64             15 items
Intellivision       40 items     Misc.            3 items
Sega Master         47 items     CDI             27 items

Bids increaseaments are
$1  ---  $1  - $20
$2  ---  $20 - $40
$5  ---  $40 - Up

Nintendo     (All carts are in Good/Excellent shape)
A Nightmare on Elm St.          Cart   $3  min
Airwolf                         Cart   $3  min
Anticipation                    Cart   $3  min
Bad Dudes                       Cart   $3  min
Blades of Steel                 Cart   $3  min
Castlevania                     Cart   $3  min
Clash at Demonhead              Cart   $3  min
Contra                          Cart   $3  min
Cobra Command                   Cart   $3  min
Cyber Staduim Series Base Wars  Cart   $3  min
Darkman                         Cart   $3  min
Dash Galaxy/Alien Asylum        Cart   $3  min
Defender of the Crown           Cart   $3  min
Dirty Harry                     Cart   $3  min
Double Dragon                   Cart   $3  min
Double Dragon II                Cart   $3  min
Dragon Warrior                  Cart   $3  min
Excitebike                      Cart   $3  min
Fist of the North Star          Cart   $3  min
Goonies II                      Cart   $3  min
Heavy Shreddin                  Cart   $3  min
Hogan's Alley                   Cart   $3  min
Ice Hockey                      Cart   $3  min
Jaws                            Cart   $3  min
Kabuki Quantum Figher           Cart   $3  min
Karnov                          Cart   $3  min
Knight Rider                    Cart   $3  min
Kung Fu                         Cart   $3  min
Kung Fu Heroes                  Cart   $3  min
Mach Rider                      Cart   $3  min
Metal Gear                      Cart   $3  min
Metal Mech                      Cart   $3  min
Mike Tyson Punch-Out            Cart   $3  min
Mission Impossible              Cart   $3  min
Narc                            Cart   $3  min
Pinball       with inst.        Cart   $3  min
Pro Wrestling                   Cart   $3  min
RBI Baseball 2                  Cart   $3  min
Rad Gravity                     Cart   $3  min
Rescue                          Cart   $3  min
Star Tropics                    Cart   $3  min
Street Fighter 2010             Cart   $3  min
Strider                         Cart   $3  jpollock
Super Spike V Ball              Cart   $3  min
T & C Surf Designs              Cart   $3  min
Total Recall                    Cart   $3  min
Track & Field II                Cart   $3  min
Vindicators                     Cart   $3  min
Xexyz                           Cart   $3  min
Xevious                         Cart   $3  min

Honey Bee (play famicom games on the NES)  $15  min

Adv. of Bayou Billy     Cart,Box     $5  blaze
Castlevania III         Cart,Box     $12 kkalata
Super Contra            Complete     $8  pr0t

42 in 1                              $25 beefstu
Othello        Tennis            Penguin Adv.      Twin Bee
Ninja          Millipede         Lunar Ball        B Wings
Arabian        Lode Runner 2     Super Mario Bros  1942
Road Fighter   Formation Z       Bomber Man        Star Force
Dig Dug        Balloon Fight     Mappy             Baseball
Kung-Fu        Mahjong 4         Pinball           Galaga
Lode Runner    Front Line        Urban Champion    Battle City
Milk & Nuts    Ice Climber       Macross           Circus
Chack'n Pop    Popeye            Excite Bike       Combat
F1 Race        Donkey Kong Jr.   Exerion           Joust

Ooops... I got caught in the past....

I BLAME EBAY!! (now I need sleep)
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Re: Paging: Hounder UPDATE!
Reply #61 - 24. Jul 2007 at 11:35
I personally don't think this is a straight scam, I think something probably did happen to the kid that he's just not talking about.  Saying he was lazy was retarded and one of the stupidest excuses I've ever heard.  It really takes someone idiotic to want to just take so much money, especially from friends, so I'd bet he's got something pretty serious going on.  Who knows, drugs maybe?  .

I didn't want to be the first to say it but.....   
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Re: Hounder's Feedback Thread
Reply #62 - 26. Jul 2007 at 06:25
I decided to make the "paging Hounder thread" into Hounder's feedback thread.  That way new members will always be able to see all the old posts.  I will also sticky this thread till be repays all his debts.
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Re: Hounder's Feedback Thread
Reply #63 - 31. Jul 2007 at 16:19
Wow.  Just came back and heard all the stuff about Hounder, and I'm sorry to hear it.  Never made a transaction with him, but here are my $0.02 anyway:

NES systems and games are quickly becoming antiques, if they are not already. Not saying they don't make good collectibles, but you have to approach it a little differently to avoid fraud.

People who collect old vases for example; when they buy a new piece, they usually run a background check on the person they're buying from if the person isn't well known.  They also go through a service that allows them to reclaim all of their money if the other person doesn't follow through.  Heck, before long, people may even be getting their cartridges appraised.  Informally, at least, that's what's happening now when somebody asks about the value of something on these boards.

I see this as part of an evolution of collecting for the NES.  There will be more fraudsters as the stuff goes up in price and age.  Unfortunately, that just comes with the territory.

Sorry again though to everyone who got screwed.
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