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Bunnyboy's Feedback Thread (Read 3022 times)
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Bunnyboy's Feedback Thread
26. Jul 2007 at 06:27
I have bought lots of his items from over at retroport.  He has also bought from me on ebay.  Always been a pleasure.
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Re: Bunnyboy's Feedback Thread
Reply #1 - 26. Jul 2007 at 15:42
Brian is a good guy to deal with, and I think good for the NES scene as well.

I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from him at www.retrousb.com, and I certainly trusted him enough to sign a production deal for sudoku.

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Re: Bunnyboy's Feedback Thread
Reply #2 - 27. Aug 2007 at 06:32
Bought several games (2 orders) through RetroUSB, and they all came within 3 days of me placing the order.  Thanks to him, we can all enjoy the NWC the way it was meant to be played (well, minus the 30-foot projection screen and the automatic start Tongue ).  Major plus points for him Smiley .
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