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Invaders must die (Read 2275 times)
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Invaders must die
07. Mar 2012 at 16:40
I think the reason "invaders must die" (the homebrew listed on the front page) does not work on FCEUX or Nintendulator (or real hardware) is because of the init code.

I downloaded the source, and it makes use of rNES  by Petruzza which appears to have been abandoned.   When I debug through the init code, it does not do all the steps that most games do during init, and so I think the irq for the APU is being fired.

I cannot override the rNES init routines (they are not provided and I cannot find the source).

I may be able to preserve most of the existing code and convert it to Shiru's CC65 framework.  If I am successful I'll let you guys (and the original author) know.

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