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Question: The greatest mother protagonist

« Created by: Octorockandroll on: 25. Mar 2012 at 00:11 »

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Best main character in mother (Read 3159 times)
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Best main character in mother
25. Mar 2012 at 00:11
This is gonna be a heated debate Grin
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Re: Best main character in mother
Reply #1 - 01. Apr 2012 at 06:35
Lets be fair. Ninten, is the original main character. Ness was sappose to be Ninten but they decided to cut the generation gap.

The grand enemy of mother was that alien star child mewtwo creature. Who eventually evovled into Ninten, as it's superior form.

Mother 64 Lucas was canceled and we got a GBA knock off.
Lucas by the way the game plays looks like a prequel to mother. At least that is the way I see it, and Pokey wented into the past and altered the world.

Yes Mother 3 takes place before all the Earth Bound games.
Because Lucas brother who get kidnapped and brainwashed by Pokey becomes the "Star Child" you see in the first Mother game ( that thing that looks like Mewtwo ). Then the Aliens visit and takes him back to space, or something like that.

That is where Mother becomes complicated. Them being the future and Pokey Defeated seems too simple an ending for Mother. Yes I cried, but seriously is that is how it is end, and everybody lives happly ever after???

Oh great Porky gets to live forever in his absolute safe capsule. Keep in mind he is still the same kid he was before.

The first game made sense......that is it.

First game..Blah blah you uncover the mystery of
the Aliens, Magicant, the dragon, and all of these crazy things.

Second game. The alien creature returns but is now pure evil.
He can no longer be woed by his luluby song. He wants to become human??? He makes freinds with porky ( instead porky fights alongside him, because he has nobody else, asides Cartman ).

Third game, does he become human??? Instead the enemy is porky who decides to make another Alien Star Child.
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