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Who of You is collecting european GB games? (Read 2812 times)
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Who of You is collecting european GB games?
03. Jun 2012 at 15:46
I am wondering how many people are collecting the classic GB games and how far You are with Your collection sets?

I am collecting CIBs and I think I am somewher 50%+
Also working on a cart only set, but didn't keep tracking on it.

How about You?
Is there anyone with a complete GB CIB set?
Also how many european licensed GB games are out there?
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Re: Who of You is collecting european GB games?
Reply #1 - 07. Jun 2012 at 02:15
I have some gameboy games in boxes, but they are not sealed and some are used. MY original gameboy games are no longer, in boxes.

Gameboy at one point in my life was a mystical thing to adhere. I would see, the timeless art on the boxes ( the square gamebody boxes ) and stair at them with glee, to the red print book inside.

After seeing Nintendo, pretty much throw out, the GBC, design, and continued to have censoring of it's games. I got tired of buying new stuff. The the NDS drop support, pretty much cap intrest in the gameboy.

Then the NDS upgraded like three times, blocking previous NDS owners, from expriencing some games, from the original NDS. 3ds is the same thing, but worst.

In short I do have gameboy games in boxes, and some out of boxes, I play from time to time.

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