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Why gameboy was so auwsome and why not today? (Read 1744 times)
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Why gameboy was so auwsome and why not today?
02. Mar 2014 at 20:18
I really love the gameboy, and the original GB was probably the best invention ever. I just do not see the logic of Nintendo abandoning the original cartridge system at all.

Since the GBA, it has been a landslide of failure. I mean their was some good times on the GBA, and the GBA sadly was the last real handheld before the PSP pretty much turned into an PPC.

The size was brilliant. Even today I see many people using a Gameboy on the buscar, or even underground. The only real advantage of the GBA is the sleek look of it, that is all.
Nintendo first mistake was shrinking the gameboy cart down to a god damn flash cart, I can't even see those bloody things at all. They are just stupid.

I mean in no logic a person could possible see the extra small size as a real product, and Nintendo is making hot steamy cream, with their product. Which is the only reason.

In fact Nintendo had a backup plan for the Gameboy. Gameboy 3d, which would have kept the GB cart type.
GB greatest, and probably cheapest of inventions.

The way I see it, is that Nintendo was pushed into a corner into changing the shape of Gameboy games.

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